Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 14:30:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Raul M (roro@yahoo.com)
Subject: None
To: Richard Geib (cybrgbl@deltanet.com)


I just wanted to comment you on your page under the Hollywood section. I cannot believe that a professional teacher can talk so much shit. Instead of helping out the current situations that are happening. If you cannot help, then get out of the area in which your living and stop talking smack. It's critisism is that hypes up all crime levels.

People do browse the net, and when they see pages like yours is that gangs do get pissed off. Gangs only want attention and recognition. Thanks to you, 18 street is now on the net. YOU DEFINETLY BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK.

You Richard, posted all information on your life. HMMMMM it must be hard to find you???

I'm from Northern California and currently volunteer my time for an outreach program that specialized in gang-prevention. Not only in Mexican gang life but multi-race gang.(white,asia,black etc...) On your page you include Mexican gang life. Are you concentrating on only talking shit about Mexicans????

Well I hope you don't live in L.A still. Because of all that shit you talked in the Hollywood section, don't be surprized if any of it catchs up to you.

Have a good and safe life.
Please don't reply.

I think I have more common sense. And me being only 20 years old.



El mas Buey de Ways

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      Dear Raul,

      No, I no longer live nor work in dangerous neighborhoods and have not for some time. It is a wide and beautiful world and it is much nicer to no longer live surrounded by so many problems.

      As to the 18th streeters: Although they are hardly much on my mind anymore, I am not hiding from anyone and know exactly what I am doing. I have nothing to hide. And I will not be intimidated.

      As to Mexicans, I have great respect for that country earned over many years.


Yet I can find hardly anything attractive about a nearly illiterate cholo who belongs to a violent street gang and sells drugs, hurts people, brings down whole neighborhoods, etc. My many friends from Mexico and other parts of Latin America feel nearly equal contempt for a pocho who can speak neither English nor Spanish very well.

      I try to judge each individual as an individual, and as such even in the most hellhole LA neighborhoods I found admirable people Mexican and otherwise. But I also found many persons from all races and ethnicities greatly deserving of the violent end they most likely will suffer. "Good riddance!," I say, and I say it on the Web with no regrets.

      Sorry if that upsets you. Nevertheless, my comments stand as they are.

      Very Truly Yours,

      Richard Geib

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