"I must say that your page has renewed my faith in the Internet."

      Dear Sir,

      I just happened to surf into your page tonight as I looked up some useless information that, in the short time since, I have forgotten. I must say that your page has renewed my faith in the Internet. Before now I have not seen too practical a purpose in the infinite pages of images, sound, and text of this invention that everyone thinks is so great. But in reading you page of thoughts to think about, I have found intellectual enjoyment that I have wanted (needed) for quite a long period of time. Don't get me wrong, I know that the original intent of the Internet was to help spread knowledge and understanding. It is just that I feel that the great majority of Internet users do not use it for that purpose. Your page of thoughts is the best use of cyberspace I have yet to see. I thank you for putting your time into such a noteworthy undertaking. It has helped to broaden my mind and my knowledge. With a network of pages full of ideas such as these, I feel that the Internet will be worth something after all. I hope that your page will be just a drop in the ocean of knowledge and thought that should be out there on the Internet.


     May 21, 1997
     Univeristy of Missouri at Colombia

      Dear Stephan,

      Thank you for the nice words about my page! I think the web is pretty democratic in that people have the option to read/write whatever they want. Unfortunately, this often means bland and prosaic information about things nobody finds interesting. I have received e-mails from those kinds of people telling me, "I talk too much, etc. etc." since the more intellectual things I put on my page don't appeal to them. They want to see simple pictures of naked women or something of the sort. It is not for that kind of person that I wrote my pages.

      I wrote my pages for people like you. To just receive some messages like yours I feel justified in having spend to much time constructing my website. Like any other tool, the World Wide Web and Internet is what people (you and I) make of it. If you find banal web sites, if you have the patient and the desire to separate the gold from the chaff it can be very much worth your time. Good information and intelligent people are out there. It just requires a little searching.

      I am very glad you enjoyed my website. Come back and visit any time.

      Very Truly Yours,

      Richard Geib

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