"I am sad today because now when I fuck up
      I will cause pain to you as well,"
said the HIV-positive drug addicted boy-man
      to his newly-beloved one afternoon
six months before he overdosed on his cocaine."

On Hearing That AIDS Activists are Passing Out
Clean Needles in My Neighborhood

Every junkie is like a setting sun.
Neil Young

In the name of fighting this fatal disease,
how can you so assist in the sure suicides
of the forsaken lotus eaters of Hollywood Blvd.,
the long slow decline of the living dead?

Entre la Espada y la Pared

Where I grew up affluently,
it was assumed naturally that
the poor were inherently bad:
their impecuniousity due to
indolence and ignorance,
a lack of moral fiber.

Where I live now as an adult,
the poor are disadvanteged:
mere helpless victims
of circumstances and forces
beyond their control,
apologized for.

These were both lies.