"The average latino is, well, only average."

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Hey Mr. Geib,

I think you are asking too much from your immigrant students who speak English as a second language. They should be happy if they graduate from high school and can read without problems and write without embarrassing themselves. Collge? - the average latino is, well, only average. You have to take their background inot account.

Just a thought.


      Dear Sachin,

      I understand what you are trying to say but I don't agree. It may be true that many of my students faced educational challenges, but they had years and years to work on them. There are plenty of first generation Latinos who managed to become fully bilingual and enjoy academic success in the United States. Excuses don't do anyone any good and no teacher should expect less than excellence from their students.

      I think the attitude towards Latino students that they "can't" or are "different" particularly insidious, as self-stereotyping is perhaps the most damaging and limiting thing such a student can do. Why not fail when that is what people expect you to do? I hold that attitude about not expecting Latino students to succeed nearly akin to giving an alcoholic a bottle of vodka.


      Richard Geib

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