"What I like...."

Tall brunettes with unbearably long legs.

A good challenging computer problem that takes all night to solve.

Cuddling under the sheets on a rainy afternoon.

Chamber music

Getting money from unexpected sources.

The female sex!
(Even if I do not understand them)

The smell of a fire coming from a chimney on a chilly autumn day.

German beer.

Working out every day - or almost every day.

Shakespeare's Love Sonnets.

People who are not above laughing at themselves.

Staying up as late as I want with nothing to do the next day.

Learning new languages and cultures.

Spicy chicken with Spanish rice.

Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons!

Hard working quietly religious people who live out their convictions.

"Down to earth" women.

Good piscola (pisco + coca-cola) from South America.


The authors of ancient Greece:
they said important things about the human condition that have not
been better said since, in my opinion.

Sexy understated lingerie that doesn't show too much.

Good pasta and then a glass of wine.

700 page tomes by crazed Russian authors on difficult intellectual subjects which tax your mind to the limit.

Women wearing men's button-down shirt -- and nothing else.

Reformed gangmembers who work in gang prevention
(some of the most impressive people I have ever met!).

Kindness and intelligence = the ultimate aphrodisiac.

The exciting smells of new carpet or inside of a new car!

Curling up with a good book in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace.

Honesty and patience.

Cruising the Web with five or more browsers open at the same time.

The lady who sent me the naked .jpg of herself. :-)

Classical music in the minor key.

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