"What I dislike...."

People get very upset by these for some reason.
Please don't take these dislikes too seriously - or worse, personally.
Some of these "dislikes" are as capricious as liking carrots or disliking beans.
Mindless violence.

Overalls, birkenstock shoes and the treehuggers that wear them.

People who just want to make money and don't care how they do it.

America On-Line

Any religion that sends shmucks to my front door.

Modern art:
all head and no heart

Baby-boomers (in my opinion, a failed generation of parents and teachers).

TV (MTV in particular).

Whiny Latin Americans who always complain about the United States.

People who let their dogs poop everywhere.

Leland Stanford University

Spoiled and pampered athletes who are paid ridiculously too much money.

Chain e-mail.

Car alarms.

People who do drugs (and are under the influence) incessantly:
ie. "stoners," and others of their ilk.

Writing up my resume.

Wasting time and wasted time

Terrorist children who run wild in supermarkets,
playing their spineless parents like some cheap violin.

Parents who let their terrorist children rampage hither and thither.

Dogmatic people who view politics as combat.

Country music;
música norteña.

Cleaning my apartment or going shopping.


The thought police - be it of the multicultural or conservative religious flavors.

People who have more gun racks than books.

Chaos, incompetence and failure.

"Progressive" Democrats.

Men wearing thong underwear or speedo bathing suits.

Two words: Oliver Stone!


Parents who don't spend enough time with their children.

Students of mine who put gum under their desks.

Body-piercing and tattoos.

Loosey-goosey people with few convictions and no moral backbone.

Those CompuServe e-mail addresses with all the numbers.

Pushy religious people.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Angry minority activists.

Aimlessness and a lack of direction.

Militant Macintosh fans.

Sunday afternoon and Tuesday morning blues!

People who are always "victims."

The University of Southern California

Men who are cruel to women;
people who are cruel to those physically weaker than themselves.

Trite and puerile bumper stickers.

"Homeboy" and "homegirl" attitude; "tough guy" demeanor.


Commercials and marketing.

One word: MADONNA!

Lack of education and illiteracy.

Opening up a bag of potato chips to find out
that half the bag is filled with nothing more than air.

Dark beer

Beat-up Datsun B210's with Virgen de Guadalupe statues on the dashboard.

Mindless superficiality.

People who think the world owes them a living.

Cigarettes and smoking.

Netcom Communications, Inc.

People who talk on cellular phones in public.

"Difficult women" who are princesses.

Wacky and aggressive street people who smell bad.

"Sensitive" men a la Alan Alda.

People who like their pets more than real people.

One more time:
America On-line!

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