Few countries in the past few decades have seen as much political violence and widespread destruction as has the nation of Afghanistan.  Invaded by the Soviet Union in 1979, a vicious guerrilla war ravaged the country for many years.  Even after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, the war did not end; the war simply continued between Afghanis and the people continued to suffer.  Finally the Soviet-backed regime fell to the "Taliban" movement, a fundamentalist Muslim movement.  Afghanistan today still is ruled by the Taliban, and the nation languishes isolated from the larger world in bitter poverty.  The Taliban interprets Islam in a way very different from most other Muslim co with its strict application of Shari'a law, and the future does not look bright for Afghanistan.

Questions to keep in mind: What role did Islam play in the fight to expel Soviet troops from Afghanistan in the 1980's? What assistance did the United States and other countries provide to the anti-Soviet resistance?  How has U.S. support for the Mujahdeen resulted in a "blowback"?  How is the struggle against the Soviets similar to the one against the British in the 19th century?  Why did not life improve for most Afghanis after the withdrawal of Soviet military forces?  How do the Taliban intrepret Islam? What does "Taliban" mean?  How is their interpretation different from other Muslim countries?  What is the Taliban's view of women in society?  How are they treated differently than men?  What do the Taliban think of terrorism against the West or Israel in the "name of Allah"?  Have they made any attempts to export militant Islam to other countries? How is Afghanistan integrated or isolated from the larger Islamic and non-Islamic worlds?


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Finally, read an Abridged History of Central Asia by William M. Brinton.