Dear Focus Group Members:

    A major part of this assignment deal with working as a group. I highly suggest you work closely with your partners to divide the work which needs to be done in an equitable manner. Choose to do a portion of the work which you believe you can do well. For example, a member who enjoys and knows computers well and do the majority of the Power Point Presentation and run the program during the presentation. The person who is dramatic and outgoing and enjoys speaking in front of the class can introduce the group and lead the actual presenting. A person with artistic talent and another who pays especial attention to detail can work together to prepare the actual paperwork which is to be handed in to Mr. Geib. As a group, you will need to divide the work; each person needs to know and then fulfill their responsibilities to the others.

    Do not forget the objective of your focus group. You will need as a group to tailor your individual presentations to make a coherent whole that answers the questions posed: Is Islam a threat to the United States? Is Islam a stabilizing or destabilizing force? How does Islam affect the area for which you are responsible?  Be able to look at Islam in all its complexity.

    I wish you much luck in your endeavor and look forward to receiving your presentation.

    Very Truly Yours, 

    President of the United States