Focus Group Asian Subcontinent:
India and Kashmir Conflict


The struggle for control of the rugged, beautiful mountains in the disputed Kashmir region between India and Pakistan has been ongoing for many years. It is a focal point for the fierce rivalry between those two nations that has raged ever since British India was partitioned in 1947.  Kashmir is the only area in India with a majority of Muslims, and Pakistani-supported insurgents have been fighting a guerrilla war against Indian authorities for independence. Declaring a "jihad" or "holy war," the irregular Muslim forces backed by Pakistan are devoted to driving out the forces of majority-Hindu India from Kashir.  The Indian Army fights back, and in the isolated mountains both sides fight openly and in the shadows.  The vitriol caused by this long fight spreads far from Kashmir into the rest of both India and Pakistan, with both sides accusing the other of atrocities and oppression.  Now that both countries possessing nuclear weapons, the Kashmir dispute has the potential to turn into something much more than simply another India-Pakistani war.

Questions to consider:  How does India look at the conflict in Kashmir?  How does Pakistan look at it?  How exactly do both countries see the other at fault?  What is the role of Islam as a motivation for the Muslim insurgents?  How has the acquisition of nuclear weapons by both countries increased the risk?  How do both countries defend their acquiring nuclear weapons?  What does the U.S. and the rest of the world say?  Is there a double standard in nuclear proliferation?  What does Kashmir have to do with the recent military coup in Pakistan?  What can we expect now from the new military government in Pakistan with respect to Kashmir?  What can we expect from India and her government?  What can the United States do to help solve the problem? 


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Pakistan -- Owen Bennet-Jones tells host Noah Adams that one of three Kashmiri militants released by India after the hijacking of a passenger plane appeared today in Karachi, Pakistan.