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Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia and Malaysia are nations that do not often occupy a central place on the world stage.  When one thinks of Muslim nations, one thinks of Saudi Arabia or Iran, for example.  But located far away from the holy cities of Mecca and Medina both Indonesia and Malaysia are majority-Muslim nations with hundreds of millions of loyal Muslims.  Yet in both Indonesia and Malaysia Islam is not the only religion; Buddhism and Christianity are also major presences on the national scene, and some degree of pluralism is the reality.  In fact, in Malaysia the ethic-Chinese are the ones with the preponderance of economic and political; the Muslims have the larger numbers, and the government makes sure their sensibilities are not offended and that they have a large role in society.  In Indonesia, Islam plays a strong role in government and also complicated the situation in the rebellious province of East Timor which is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.  But what role exactly does Islam play in Indonesia and Malaysia at the end of the 20th century?

Questions to keep in mind:  How is Islam different in Indonesia and Malaysia than it is in Arabic nations of the Middle East?  To what degree do Muslims coexist peacefully with their non-Muslim neighbors?  How does the government accommodate Islam in Malaysia?  What role does Islam play in the policies and motivations of the Indonesian government?  What role does Islam play in the view of Indonesia to East Timorese calls for independence?  What percentage of these countries is Muslim, non-Muslim?





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