Focus Group Persian Gulf

    Dear Specialists:

    Thank you for accepting the contract to advise myself, my chief aides, and the leaders of the various branches of the government in this matter.  We wish your team to provide detailed information and analysis aof the nations, cultures, and politics of the nations surrounding the Persian Gulf.   In particular, we wish you to focus on the following areas: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and the smaller Gulf States.  The area contain a large percentage of the world's petroleum reserves and much of it travels through the Persian Gulf itself towards the outside world; and hence the area is central to our national security.  Many wars have been fought in the area over the past few decades, including one involving the United States. The region is rife with political instability, and certain nations around the Persian Gulf profess to be our enemy along with others who are our allies.  The situation is complex, and we look to you and your expertise in trying to understand the complexity of the issues involved as well as possible solutions..

    In deciding what policies our government should pursue, it is absolutely vital that we have the best information and advisement possible.  I will rely heavily on you and your group's presentation to provide me with the information and advice necessary to do my job and to serve our national interests.  I  need not remind you of the vital importance of what we are studying to both our own national security, as well as that of the world generally.

    Good luck!  We await eagerly the presentation of your focus group.

    Very Truly Yours, 

    President of the United States

P.S.  Be sure to read this last reminder as you sit down in your groups to start this project!