Self Evaluation


Teacher Evaluation


Report Content

Includes some information and a few facts.

Includes essential information.  Includes enough elaboration to give readers an understanding of topic.

Covers topic completely and in depth.  Complete information.  Encourages readers to know more.






Power Point Presentation

Includes no good graphics, too much text, and too many distracting sounds.

Some good graphics and decent text.  Presentation not integrated with speeches.

Polished presentation.  Sharp graphics and brief text coordinated well with speeches.





Cooperative Group Work

Works with others, but has difficulty sharing decisions and responsibility with others.

Works well with others.  Takes part in decisions and contributes fair share to group.

Works well with others.  Assumes a clear role and related responsibilities.  Motivates others to do their best.






Oral Presentation Skills

Difficulty communicating ideas due to lack of preparation and brevity of speech.  Reads speech from note cards, lack of eye contact with audience.

Communicates ideas with proper voice projection, adequate preparation, and some enthusiasm.

Communicates ideas with enthusiasm, proper voice projection, appropriate language, and clear delivery.

Polished and practiced.






Question and Answer

Unable to answer basic questions because of lack of preparation.

Some questions answered satisfactorily.  Demonstration of understanding of topic.

In depth answers to complex questions.  Nuanced and subtle understanding of topic.









Total Points: