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  Focus Group Social/Religious Issues

Arabs make up almost 18% of the population inside the nation of Israel.  They are full citizens of the Jewish state, and hold the right to vote and politic, etc.  For the most part, Arab Israelis are loyal to their country and mesh well with their Jewish neighbors.  However, there is increasing stresses with regards to their loyalty to the state of Israel in the light of a number of recent terrorist acts.  Some Arab Muslims feel like second class citizens in Israel and claim their human rights are violated.  Certain Jews feel some Muslims inside their Israeli borders are serving as accessories and terrorists in organizations such as Hamas and other "Islamic resistance causes" are dedicated to the destruction of the country.  

Questions to keep in mind:  What is the status of Israeli Arabs under the law?  According to Israeli Arabs, is this the reality of daily life?  What complaints do Israeli Arabs and their Jewish neighbors have against each other?  What is the role of Islam in the motivation of some Israeli Arabs against the Jewish state?  What are Jewish Israelis afraid of?  What are Arab Israelis afraid of?  How can the situation be improved?


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