Islamic Fundamentalism

Like all other major religions, Muslims interpret and practice their religion in very different ways.  There are scrupulously observant Muslims and others who are more lax in their observance, and there are several major theological disputes that have led to the division of Islam into its Sunni, Shi'a, Druze, and Sufi sects.  Much terrorism in the Middle East in the past few decades has been committed in the name of Islam; terrorist organizations opposed to Israeli or American policies have declared a "jihad," or "holy war," against their "enemies" from those countries.  Such persons see the Muslim call to jihad as the duty to violently fight against and kill the enemies of Islam.  Other Muslims disagree and believe Jihad refers to the individual's duty to fight against evil internally, as in an alcoholic's duty in Islam to liberate him or herself from the addiction to alcohol.  Similarly, some Muslims applaud and support the use of terror and violence in the name of Islam while others find this to be a direct, strident violation of their religion.  Some Muslims see Western ideas of pluralism, the separation of church and state, and freedom of speech to be incompatible with Islam.  Others see no incompatibility between Islam and democracy.  Some Islamic fundamentalists call for violence against the "enemies" of "true Islam."  Many other works peacefully in hospitals and schools to improve their societies.  It is a complex dynamic.  

Questions to keep in mind:  What are the radical and moderate views of the Islamic obligation to do "jihad"?  What are the objections some Muslims have to Western-style democracy?  Are there any democracies in Muslim countries?  Will Islam and the West always differ?  What is the religious justification some Muslims make for attacking violently American or Israeli targets?  What is the Islamicist stance on Israel?  Why is Islam's pull so strong?  Are all fundamentalist Muslims violent? Why do some Muslims think the United States makes too much of a big deal about terrorism?  How do they believe the U.S. can undermine support for such acts of terror among Muslims? Will there be a rivalry between secular and religious persons in the 21st century?  


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