Crescent Moon Divided: Islam at the End of the 20th Century: Culminating essay









Self Evaluation


Teacher Evaluation


Introduction and Conclusion

Thesis and conclusion underdeveloped.  Argument not consistent and unclear.  Too short.

Thesis states argument with some skill.  Conclusion ends essay and re-states the thesis.  Writing not spectacular but sufficient.

Short and sweet.! Thesis poignant, grabs reader attention, and states argument well.  Conclusion ends paper powerfully, draws conclusions, re-states main argument.






Facts and Back-up Information

Missing vital information.  Gaps in arguments and assertions not backed up by facts and/or evidence.

Basic information presented.  Some elaboration on essential information.

Extensive use of backup  information.  Elaborates on simple facts in great detail.  Complexity of subject illustrated.





Transition Words

Little or no transitions from idea to idea.  Writing choppy.  Unable to identify clearly when writer changing topics.

Some use of transition words.   Ideas flow one into the other most of the time.

Extensive use of transition words.  Reader able to see clearly where ideas begin and end.  Logic of argument flows smoothly.





Fluency and Correctness of Language

Writing uneven and awkward.  Grammar mistakes and misspellings.  Essay messy.

Correct grammar and usage.  Writing intelligible.

Word choice is excellent.  Language is graceful.  Essay flows smoothly.  Writing clear at all times. 






Past Drafts

Drafts present, but no significant improvement from draft to draft.  Missing previous drafts. 

All work present.  Some improvement from draft to draft. 

All previous work present.  Improvement in each draft of essay.





Quality of Argument

Argument incomplete.  Assertions not substantiated.  Essay too short.  Ideas undeveloped.

Essay makes an argument and backs it up.  Ideas clear and backed up with evidence and examples.

Ideas presented in all their complexity.  Author draws conclusions and offers informed opinions.  Considerable nuance and insight.









Total Points: