diamond earrings

July 14, 1989

Dear -

Happy birthday! My decision to get you this present was a very conscious one. A simple and irrefutable fact about you is that you do not often wear earrings. So I hope that these diamonds will be like the bonds that connect us: rarely flashy or exposed to the public yet precious and enduring. The quality that makes a diamond so valuable is its rarity on the earth. Many years from now, I may be only a fading memory to you, but perhaps these diamonds will remain as both a symbol and a reminder of the unique and special nature of our relationship and its honesty and undiluted compassion. And it is in this that we are as different from the vast majority of more common relationships as the diamond is to the simple rock.

I Love You,


...many years later caluminating time has its effect:

...I dreamed that you had ceased to love me...

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