Northridge Earthquake

I was in Tarzana on the morning of the earthquake,
only a mile or so from the epicenter.

"Monarch of violence, rolling on clouds,
I toss wide waters, and I fell huge tress...
Possessed of daemon rage, I penetrate,
Sheer to the utmost caverns of old Earth;
And straining, up from those unfathomed deeps,
Scattered the terror-stricken shades of Hell;
And hurl death-dealing earthquakes throughout the world!
Book 6 of Metamorphoses

In this picture, I am drinking a beer in
the middle of an aftershock an hour or two after the big earthquake.

Surveying damage to kitchen with shotgun in hand.
Notice all the broken glass and how the refrigerator was moved
from its niche in the wall into the middle of the kitchen!