February 28, 1998

      My brother has asked me to write a short summary of my life to date. When he asked me I thought, "I'm not done yet!" In fact, I'm only at the bottom of the second inning at most. In any case, I will try to describe myself my life, and a perspective on my family.

      I had a great childhood and I say this without reservation. Throughout hours of therapy many have speculated that my alcoholism stems from a family disease and this is from a dysfunctional family. Therapy aside and a certain fellowship included, I know that I drank because I loved it. This makes it simple and is the real truth.

      I just read Herman Hesse's Damian. This book talks about the idea of an awakening consciousness and an awareness of free will which in this book happens to the narrator at 13 or 14 years of age. I can relate. Life uptil that point in the Geib family (as is probably described in some length by others) was really just a nice couple of parents trying to raise three kids the best they could in upper middle-class surroundings. We had our trials and no parents are perfect (I can see that now, maybe earlier I might have thought mine were) but there was always plenty of love to go around. However, at 14 years of age I discovered sex and drugs in one form or another and this tended to dominate some of my hedonistic tendencies until it became destructive.

      My path has been a hard one. Jail, rehab, hospitals and an incredible amount of self-loathing and despair has left me with two options. First, I can continue to drink, self-obsess, play the passive role in life. The second alternative (and I have an opportunity to become weller than well) is to trust God, help others, and do the footwork - take a proactive role in life. I mentioned God. I really can't begin to express how heavily I feel him when I don't shut myself off from his light. Sometimes I wonder if its just these two options but to keep things simple and to save time, for today this is how I see it.

      I now live in San Francisco. I work at a sports club and at a yacht brokerage. The city can be overwhelming, revolting, exciting, confusing, unrealistic, energizing, and frustrating. But it keeps me interested and I have somewhat of a foundation. I am surrounded at times by some truly great people. The ocean here is wild, untamed, and beautiful. I haven't figured out the women yet, but I'm learning from trying.

      With all of the tragedy in my life and more specifically this last year (mom has cancer) life continues. All the clichés I hate spring to mind. One day at a time, first things first, and (hopefully, since I'm only at the bottom of the second inning) more will be revealed.

More Tom Geib photos...

Tom as a little newborn baby in late 1968. (2.43kb)

Tom and myself posing at Little Corona beach around 1978. (33.6kb)

Tom smiling for the camera in middle school. (30.2kb)

Tom in tuxedo attending the Sophomore formal dance in 1983. (14.7kb)

Tom in class photo in approximately his junior year. (31.3kb)

Tom at Big Corona ocean bluff where my family ate pizza every Tuesday evening. (30.2kb)

Tom as a graduating senior in 1987. (64.2kb)

Tom the lady-killer smiles into the camera cerca 1985. (26.4kb)

Tom the surfer at Katie's high school graduation in 1989. (30.5kb)

Tom contemplates the ocean after suffering multiple compound fracture to his leg in 1992. (42.0kb)

Tom with mother and sister in an affectionate moment in 1995.(14.9kb)