Dies Irae

"The first rude shock of death into my life..."

Agnus Dei
qui tollis peccata mundi,
miserere nobis.

Phil Geib, Jr.


I have died, but you are still among the living.
And the wind, keening and complaining,
Makes the country house and the forest rock -
Not each pine by itself
But all the trees as one,
Together with the illimitable distance;
It makes them rock as the hulls of sailboats
Rock on the mirrorous waters of a boat-basin.
And this the wind does not out of bravado
Or in a senseless rage,
But so that in its desolation
It may find words to fashion a lullaby for you.

Boris Pasternak

The Last Picture

Last Picture of Phil Geib Jr.
Phil Geib Jr. last captured on film.
November 23, 1989