"You know what Americans are? Americans is a BASTARD NATION."

"When the creator strikes, it is with such ferocity, just think of the water of the PACIFIC and the ATLANTIC become ONE WATER!"

Deck crews on a U.S. aircraft carrier prepare to arm a fighter/bomber near the Persian Gulf as tensions remain high over Iraq's expulsion of U.N. weapons inspectors.

At 12:54 PM 11/15/97 -0800, you wrote:
Mr. Richard Geib:

I just wonder about your gibberish...
By the way, how much CIA pays you per month?

Saddam Hussein is a creation of CIA.

In 1974 immediately after Oil Crisis, Henry Kissinger said, "that the US has to go and establish it's foot hold in the Arabian Peninsula". US has coaxed Soviets in to Afghan and created the Afghan War, and the result of which is the collapse of Soviet Union. It's not US's millitary help or, this and that crap. Don't play ANGEL here. The collapse of the Soviets is purely due to the sacrifice of Afghan people and most importantly : The Help of GOD.

Similarly, US also coaxed Saddam to invade IRAN and created 10 years PERSIAN GULF EAR. Again, it is the US, which has caused the detruction of Soviets, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, and many more Mulim countries. Then it is the US which has coaxed Saddam to invade Kuwait. How do you compare this with the US attack on IRAQ, US attack on Panama, US attack in Nicaragua: YOu ASS_HOLE. You know what Americans are? Americans is a BASTARD NATION. Before Death, every great power behaves like this. Just like the Nimrods, the Pharaohs.

The continued aggression of US in IRAQ will become a PRE-CURSOR of the collapse of US just like the collapse of the Soviets as they attacked Afghanistan.

REMEBER: There is ONE up there, THE JUST, THE MOST PATIENT at the EVILS of MAN. When the creator strikes, it is with such ferocity, just think of the water of the PACIFIC and the ATLANTIC become ONE WATER!


"Paradise lies in the shadow of swords."
Prophet of Islam

      Dear Mr. Mujahdein,

      Strange, weird, bizarre vision of history and politics, seemingly infected by the unfortunate wacko religious fanaticism of the Middle East. I now have a lower opinion of Portland University whose e-mail address you are using for it. Your words paint you as just another nut case foreign student in the U.S., I suspect. All this is the stuff of Internet conspiracy theory or wild eyed wacko revisionist history, not scholarship. You seem to have been reading too few books and having too many personal conversations with deities. God help the world if people like you ever get nuclear weapons. I fear psycho loners such as you more than I do despotic mad dog-governments like those found in Libya, Iran or Iraq!

      Well, let's just hope you are not in Portland when God decides to strike at the bastard America.


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