"Our country [Iran] is suffering so it may soon find its rightful place in the world community and its just government. May the Day come soon."

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Thank you for you homepage to expose the tyranny of Khomeini and the Islamic Republic. I agree with you 100% that the mullahs of Iran are going far beyong what one could imagine. The only thing one can compare them to is the Spanish Inquisition itself.

The setbacks and cruelty that Iran has suffered since 1979 is so great that one could get suicidal try to measure it. You mention some of them: the exodus of millions, the loss of Iran's young men and women in a pointless war, not to mention the capital loss, suffering of women, cultural, religious, and social repression, and the list goes on. However, as a victim of this tragedy, I look forward to the future of Iran. I still think that in the long-run the tragedies of this period will be good for Iran.

The brutal regime of Iran has forever cut the credibility of mullahs. The future government of Iran will be secular with separation of Church and State. The Shah would have never been able to achieve that. Iraonically, the mullahs have paved the way for it. Furhtermore, should Iran return to a Constitutional Monarchy, it would be realized that monarch would best serve the nation if she/he stayed out of the affair of politics. Even the clergy would opt to stay away from politics.

Despite its ruthlessness, the Islamic Republic realizes the power of people and the masses. Sadly enough, the Shah who loved Iran dearly and aspired to turn her to a modern nation, failed to understand. It is a power that has been recognized. Our country is suffering so it may soon find its rightful place in the world community and its just government. May the Day come soon.

Thank You,


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An Islamic Republic in Iran Forever?

Today's Reality: Theocracy in Iran

      Dear Hooman,

      Let us keep our fingers crossed for a more tolerant and liberal future for Iran - no evil can last forever. I have taken some courage lately in seeing that there are trends in Iran - especially among the young - that signal the people are tiring of revolutionary government and austere religious dogmatism. Perhaps tomorrow will be happier in Iran than yesterday. We shall see.

      I hope this e-mail finds you and your girlfriend well at Rutgers.

      Very Truly Yours,


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