"Blame those that are guilty of the action, but in this, Islam as a religion is a victim for having its name soiled by the practices of orhers."

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I am an Arab, born in Sudan and I am Muslim. I think that about covers the whole region that you are dogging.

First I want to say that I completely agree with you about the practice of female circumcision. No matter how long this practice was in effect. It seems to be a solution to a problem that wasn't thought out too thoroughly, like the removing of the uteris as a cure for hysteria in europe. However most these practices are remedied when that particular area becomes more civilized and intelegence starts taking part in everyday life, instead of blind tradition. The areas where this is still a common practice can be labeled as "not yet reached there contemporary potential." But in many of the arab countries female circumcision is banned. I don't know how much research you've done concerning Islamic history, but when the religion was revealed, this practice was even then generations old. There is no connection with this religion and the practice of circumcising females. As with many matters of tradition, such as the complete covering of the women (from head to toe), Islam didn't lean to or against it. What it did do was forbid the act of completely circumcising the women, as opposed to partial circumcision.

What caught my attention to your page was the phrase you used as title. It would be greatly appreciated it you would rephrase it so that there is no connection between Islam and female circumcision. When I say this, I don't mean that the arabs and other muslims should be spared of having to confront the reality of what they do. They are but stubborn people that need to be shown the error of their ways. But what Islam states and how it should be represented is completely different. Blame those that are guilty of the action, but in this, Islam as a religion is a victim for having its name soiled by the practices of orhers. In truth, since the prophet Muhammed is the sole example of how a muslim should live, no muslim should be circumcising his or her daughter. For the prophet himself never had."

How is life treating you?="Can't Complain. Engaged and about to be married to the most beautiful palestinian girl, and if I mentioned that I wanted to cut off her clit, she'd cut off part of me that I've grown extremely attached to."