"...because two bodies, naked and entwined,
leap over time, they are invulnerable,
nothing can touch them, they return to the source.
There is no you, no I, no tomorrow,
no yesterday, no names, the truth of two
in a single body, a single soul,
oh total being..."

Octavio Paz

"The Nakedness of Woman
is the Work of God"

If I were forced to go to church,
I would worship at the altar
of the naked female body,
my head bowed down
in reverent respect.

Tiny diminutive shoulders and full-round breasts;
smooth silky skin and curvaceous wide hips
which flare our forming the shape of a heart;
long long slender legs that come to a point
in the dusky wonder of her groin;
the female form divine,
so different from mine,
soft and yielding,

I have done nothing more beautiful in my life
than in solemn silence pass the night
slowly running the back of my hand
along the length of her body
in the pale moonlight;
drinking in with my eyes
the glory and divinity
of the nakedness of woman.