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Date: Sat, 06 Sep 1997 20:18:19 +0200
From: (Hagen)
To: Richard Geib (
Subject: You want schools to teach truth? Thanks not. It is too dull.


"The Dubious Pleasure of Discovering the Fundamental Law of the Universe"

      Dear Joannes,

      I spent a few confused minutes reading your disparate comments of this e-mail and on your webpage. I come to the conclusion that either I am a very dull fellow unable to comprehend your genius or you are speaking plain nonsense. The former is entirely possible, but I suspect the latter; maybe it is a combination of the two. I am suspicious of such grandiose and all-encompassing schemes as your's appears to be. It smells more than a little of the "Elvis lives" and "CIA killed JFK" or "Space Aliens Kidnapped my Husband" reasoning or "The Beast [Anti-Christ] with 666 Tattooed on His Head is Coming." At best, it reminds me of the cosmology of William Blake (which I don't understand either). I personally suspect that any great truth of mankind can be understood without needing such a profound understanding of theoretical physics. "What can be said at all," Ludwig Wittgenstein claimed, "can be said clearly."

      You may well be outlining the secrets of the universe, Joannes. But if so, it makes for poor writing (or at least unclear and obscurist writing). The following words from Tolstoy to an anonymous poet come to mind: "When a man has something to say he must try to say it as clearly as possible, and when he has nothing to say it is better for him to keep quiet." Words for thought.

      You asked me, "You want schools to teach truth? Thanks not. It is too dull." Joannes, I have no claims to even know such an ambitious thing as the "truth." And I would never have the cosmic impiety to deign to teach "truth" to others. However, I would urge my students to constantly search for what is true and discard what is superficial and unsatisfactory. My students may never find many "truths" in life, but the search is everything! I trust I explain myself better here.

      I hope this e-mail finds you well.

      Very Truly Yours,

      Richard Geib

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Date: Sat, 06 Sep 1997 20:18:19 +0200
From: (Hagen)
To: Richard Geib (
Subject: You want schools to teach truth? Thanks not. It is too dull.

Prophecy of THE LITTLE SCROLL fulfilled now ???? (= Revel.Ch.10); Is the sealed wisdom as promised finally opened and out on the web ????

Is this the man we are looking for, that brings us the promised knowledge and understanding of everything? The Eleusinian  ......

Find out for yourself.

The Eleusinian has some very clear and modern thoughts about:

a) the little scroll of Revelations Ch.10 and the Final Theory; the topstone of the pyramid

b) mr.666 the antichrist

Are you also of the majority of hypocrits? Not knowing where life according to these pages listed is primarily if not only about? Maybe the author of those pages is not correct in all of his conclusions with regard to science in detail. As I see it, the conclusions on the brain hemispheres is not fully acceptable and Godel is used to its full relevance with regard of the possibility of finding a Final Theory.

But he certainly does make a good account what the general reason of our existence, being and entering the internet is. Revelation 10: the unlearning of the learned.

It is therefore at least a genuine an respectable try, and one that lives up to the state of being one might project to a superior being or force, that was or provided the initial cause of life instead of NOTHING (which is the only logic thing to be/exist, logically).

Is the scripture of the promised disclosure of the sealed scroll of Revelation 10 being fulfilled at this very moment?

According to the author, J.P. II or J.P. the Eleusinian the answer is: YES YES YES!!!
My opinion is also YES, and it began when Galilei and Newton came to the scene.
Now it is the finishing of their work. In some ways I differ from mr. The Eleusinian. But the general idea is good for a start. It is therefore that, as I myself have not yet been able to find the right mode to publish my thoughts, that I refer to the pages mentioned below.

He lives in the capital of Iceland. Listed below are some links to his pages on the web.

If he is correct, then he is the genuine pope, and should be asked by the Vatican to succeed the current pope. According to me, this should be done anyway, for the arguments below - whether the man from Iceland is authentic or not. But did the Vatican make Galilei the new pope, while he was still alive, or Giordano Bruno, or Newton, or Einstein. And what about Paul Davies.
But give these the power, and will it not corrupt them, and want to make themselves popular.
Newton was not only involved with gravity and light refraction. He was also an esotheric, interpreting the book of Daniel. He was a prophet, but it was not yet his time to have a webpage. On the contrary. If published, he would done it in French, because of his fear for the church leaders, who would not hesitate to silence him.
Until this day, the popes of science never became the popes of the Vatican. Shame shame all christians and all spiritual leaders. They are betraying their own Lordship. They are insulting their own Lordship. They are a disgrace to the superiority of the One they worship.
May the web change this all. May the web create its own Nobel prize, for Revelation 10 efforts. And not for the already known, but for the unknown, that should be made known. Thus unlike someone like Sir John Templeton, who provides awards for those who don't need it anymore.

When does mankind stand up, and bring the claimer of Rev.10 there where he belongs.
If the place is not provided in peace, then should mankind not break it down.
Or are we robots, and do what the current powers want us to accept.
The answer is yes. We are stupid pigs.
The existence of the pages listed below, proof this as long as they are not originated by the Vatican.

Wasn't it Carl Gustav Jung who saw God letting a large dark brown sigar shaped piece of shit, drop on the large cathedral in the region where he lived. Should we not follow this example, until it is clear that someone with the love for the connection between science and the scriptures has been given his rightfull place in the Vatican.
Why don't millions of people who come to the Vatican or to a presentation of the pope, together walk him to dust? Because we actually have no right to be of our own.
Only the stupid people go to listen to the senile pope of the Vatican.

The Eleusinian has some very clear and modern thoughts about:

a) the little scroll of Revelations Ch.10 and the Final Theory; the topstone of the pyramid

b) mr.666 the antichrist
Please forward your opinions to me and to newsgroups, and maybe also to the Vatican. They also have a homepage, although they are about almost everything. A bit hypocrit isn't it to have church on the internet, if one opposes the majority of know how of science and technology. Certainly in this, mr. J.P.II is not a hypocrit and deserves as such to be at least one league ahead of the pope.

I think the web as a whole should appoint an interactive score medium to name the current pope of the web in terms of Revelation 10's challenge and the fullfillment of Rev.10.

But whether one does or not, if true and genuine, the scripture of Rev.10 will be fulfilled on the web, and the web's sole purpose teleologically will be then, that all nations, all kings, all people, will be made aware of its fulfilment.

This information was provided, without any permission from or notice to the author of the links listed above. I (Jan Hagen) have no connection or whatsoever with the provided links. It is only that I like people to be aware.

This postage was originated by  Jan Hagen (The Netherlands).
I hope to finish my personal account of Revelations Chapter 10 as soon as possible. Those who can not wait can contact me, and I will be glad to explain the simplicities of life and its future in eschatologic terms.

Let me (email:  ) please know what you think about:
>>>> the little scroll of Revelations Ch.10 and the Final Theory; the topstone of the pyramid

 >>>>  mr.666 the antichrist

My recommendations for reading are further:

Harry Mulisch - The Discovery of Heaven
Harry Mulisch - De zuilen van Hercules (not yet translated)

What happens with people who loose track in the esotheric for instance with crop circles, ufo's, conspiracy, Acadia, end-time sects with charismatic leaders (!).

Umberto Eco predicted it all, and people did not realize or know of his book:
Foucault's Pendulum

But then again: "it is not what it expresses literally", like all great books like the book of the books have in common. One should be able to read between the lines. Know what the blanks between them express, and know where the literal texts are clear and make the other elements only accessible through a relativated dimension, and makes these elements turn in their opposition. It is so damned simple that nobody understands, and things are only made more complicated. But then that is the purpose. That is also why nobody thinks of Harry Mulisch being the finest modern philosopher in the world. He is the person of Revelation 10, for the novellist part. He is the modern Goethe. Spielberg's movies about Raiders of the Lost Arch and The Last Crusade in fact represent the search of mankind for the stone of wisdom inside his brains. Like God in the Bible, he nicely covered the stone of wisdom up, and sealed it, in unclear representation in the referred novel.
Only because he is writing originally in Dutch, he has not got the attention of Hollywood film makers, because he is a live legend, who does everything necessary to hide himself.
So as I happen to see clear through this author, one does not need to buy any script rights, to be able to make the film about the prophet behind the novel, and the demystification of the chief character of his novel The Discovery of Heaven.

Richard, you showed to have read a lot, of complicated works./writings. Nevertheless, with very much less, but with more attention and more commitment, you would have understood the contents of your favourite books, so that, what you write to me, proofs to a Socrates that you are so fond of, you are so close, but undermine everything you say yourself.

You want direct speech. I explain why the hand was closed and will not be opened until the time is right, and the efforts and pains have been felt, to have the right kind of reference language, to understand the remainder (explanations/the inside of the closed hand). It can contain anything. You want to know it all of a sudden, so that you loose any will, or any possible opposite ideas. The strenght of the truth is the contrast with opposite ideas. They have to come first, to get the bottom of the truth.

So first: a bit of misleading, to close the opened hand. Then after everything that is visible and provides the opposite of precise knowledge, the time is ready.

This is the core of all works that you have been reading. Or to be direct: that were as an experience put in your mind. You could not help it. If you had a mind of yourself, and controlled your experience, you would have seen the process.

All evil in the world is caused by man being prevented to control its own mind. What we see is only the shadow, like Plato described. From that shadow (the opened part of the hand), we must figure out the closed part. The arm will never be seen. The palms of the hand is the best we can. When does one have a will. We all have one, for the things that we can make. A computer does what we let it do. We made it. But we ourselves, did not make ourselves, so as long as I can not see what makes me experience, I have no will, and am nothing than a receiver of something that also has a connection with what I experience simultaneously as material content of my experience.

So I would suggest you to read some of Hume, Berkeley, and especially the idealist Josiah Royce. Then we can talk. Also read Russell on solipsism. After that jump to Stenger and Tipler, and focus on the determinism parts. The only important of these is however: the eschatology for man will be cyber-experience. This internet is only the beginning. What we are ourselves is superinternet. It will even be improved, by outside interference, to become able to see what others think, how quantum particles behave like, without using detectors.

You want this right away. First things first. One step at a time. So teach the opposite. Because for improvement, the unlearning is the best tool, since it is best remembered for the return from throwing all the truths away.

Only then, truth has value.

Oh, and because you are so clear, I will be it also: Jesus was a robot, he did not have any personality. Socrates was Jesus, but then for the philosophical part. He was not a human, a robot. Like Jesus, he crucified mankind: brought the sword. He said it all, but people could not read. They demonstrated: who we represent (truth/God) is fully responsible. Nothing or no one else.

I would like to go further and explain what is blasphemy. Blasphemy is those who say: man is repsonsible. Has a free will. That degenerates God to the one of quantum mechanic gambling. What it not blasphemy: attacking God by being skeptic, because then he is rewarded. As everything is about reasoning, then, man should try to outreason God. Since then he only is proving to live up to being equal. Judgement will not be of man, but of God. But the judgement of God, is automatic man's own judgement: will I accept eternal live? Yes is judgement of God=judgement of oneself. But to be able to jugde, one needs to demand answers. To demand answers, one has to aks the most demanding questions. This needs thorough understanding of nature (the works of God). Especially from the negative (opposite) side of the truth.

Do what God did. Mislead, so that pupils, will learn how they can be deceived if they are not being critical. Critical like me. Testing everything. And finding the connections like a Sherlock Holmes. Or throw the cerebral capacities away. But then, it is merely, whether it is to be or one has the luck, to be preoccupied with what others think is better to have a commercial carreer. It is just how the brain is being poised by higher forces, for what one is addicted. Addicted for the contents, or the process, to understand, and be busy with. The opened part, or the closed part.

Read now what you wrote. And see how you undermine your approach. You are not skeptic enough for yourself. You suggest you are, in a high mooded way (arrogant). But it does not suit. The truth is simple. But the opposite is simpler.

      Dear Joannes,

      Perhaps I am a little arrogant. But I hardly have the hubris to claim to have found the all encompassing theories of history, science, etc. (re.: THE APOCALYPTIC FILES). That is true arrogance! And deliberately mislead my students? Disrespect them in that way? Life is complicated enough without making it more so. I decline, thank you anyway.

      Have a good life, Joannes.


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