...I only wished more people could be belligerent in the face of knavery!

Mike Ryoko
Columnist Mike Ryoko of the "Chicago Tribune"

David Duke
Former Klu Klux Klan leader turned Republican David Duke

Writer Mike Ryoko imagined a conversation between Republican Louisiana candidate for governor David Duke and the columnist's drinking buddy Mortie from the old neighborhood.

"So, you used to celebrate Hitler's birthday, huh, kid? And wear swastikas and you said that Jews should be dumped in the ash bin of history? Well, I'm Jewish and I fought in the Marines in World War II, and I noticed you skipped Vietnam, and I can still do a hundred fast push-ups. So when the show's over, why don't we meet in a dark alley somewhere and I'll give you a reverse face-lift, you two-bit fascist!"

Give 'em hell, Mike!

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RE: David Duke
"Why don't you take a ride down here to Louisiana and see just what we deal with here?"

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