"...you better watch your back."

Date: Fri, 23 May 97 16:11:40 GMT
To: Richard Geib(cybrgbl@deltanet.com)
Name=F. Gonzalez
comments="Hey fool whats up. I'm claiming 18 street foe life and I don't like you you disrespectin me and my homies, so you better watch your back."
How is life treating you?="not good homes"
City=Pico Rivera

      Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

      I regret you didn't like what I had to say about your gang. However, I call it the way I see it.

      Good luck in your criminal career.


      Richard Geib

P.S. If you one day end up in state prison for a long stay or find yourself laying on the sidewalk with a bullet in your back, don't even try to blame anyone else for your predicament! Take responsibility for "claiming 18 street foe life."


"A Young Murderer's Thoughts on Crime"
by Jamal Johnson

From: Rick & Zeina (mudsharks@inreach.com)
To: Richard Geib (cybrgbl@deltanet.com)
Subject: Nice writing Rich!

Hey Rich,

Im not sure who you are (actually I never heard of you until I stumbled upon your page...) but I was reading your what you wrote about your life and times in ToonTown (hollywood) and like what I read. I admire your stance and philosophy on life. I also admire the composure of which you respond to those who are hopelessly patriotic to a brotherhood of thugs. When some gansta threatens you, rather than demean the person (that would be too easily done) you simply respond with civility and reason... this is even better! It pulls the pants down on the bad ass and shows them that there IS life outside of that small minded world they tend to gather in.


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