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It's Rich!

      After a couple of months, I decided to add the question, "How is life treating you?" to my guestbook form. I am very glad that I did, and although most people just put "good" or "not bad" or "I liked your 'Thoughts Worth Thinking' section," I have received some truly unique responses. I have listed some of them below.

How is life treating you?

"Today was the best day I've had in a long time!!! Through a class I'm in at school, I was able to observe the birth of a beautiful baby boy this morning! Then shortly after that I was informed that in two weeks I am going to get to have my first hands on surgical experience! I haven't been this excited in a long time!!!"
18 years, from Denton, Texas

"Pretty good, so far. I have been blessed to have a wonderful English teacher, not to mention the best History teacher in the WWW!! See ya later!"
13 years, from Sherman Oaks, California

"Kinda tough (industry downturn, the usual) but compared with Dr. Z or Pasternak, I've nothing to complain about!"
41 years, from Lakewood, California

"Good, but my History Teacher Hates Me (Ha Ha Mr. Geib! See you tomorrow morning in class)."
13 years, from Encino, California

"Now that I have dropped out of the most difficult collegiate program in the world, (and I'm not kidding, this is an internationally renowned program) I feel much better. Now I will be able to sleep normal hours and have time to draw which I so much love to do."
17 years, from Montreal, Canada

"Pretty good - could be better - trying to stay warm in North Dakota!!"
31 years, from Fargo, North Dakota

"Like an overpriced hooker: very well."
23 years, from New Orleans, Louisiana

"Good--I've squandered a great portion of my life, but every day is a new day."
21 years, from DeKalb, Illinois

"Like a big, fat, ugly, hungry toad would treat a fly who has just danced in front of him, waving a flag saying 'eat me, your mum was a fat whore' and pissing all over his lily pad."
19 years, from Ipswich, England

"Absolutely no complaints on this side."
26 years, from Bangalore, India

"Much like a roller coaster, one minute soaring with a shouted laugh, the next biting my lip with apprehension and terror as I speed downward. Tossing my head back and always looking ahead to the next rise."
26 years, from Auckland, New Zealand

"Confusing, but living, and breathing. To sum it up - crappy!"
16 years, from Detroit, Michigan

"Like some experiment: it tickles me until I wet myself and then ignores me until I clean up my own mess. fickle, fickle life. And how about you?"
33 years old, from Santa Barbara, California

"It's not so bad. You see, I have a smiley theorem: If you feel bad or you're having a bad day and you smile and get someone else to smile, then your day will be better 'cause you feel better and you've made someone else's day better."
14 years, from Lake Tahoe, California

"Okay i guess. Broke up with my girlfriend over break, that sucked...but my band got a record deal. And you?"
19 years, from Ann Arbor, Michigan

"GREAT! The more I learn the happier I get. You can be happy even when your sad. Its not a feeling, its a state of being."
51 years, from Jackson, Mississippi

"Pretty good, but I'm tired and want a strong drink."
26 years, from New Orleans, Louisiana

"Well beauty came to my door this morning asking for its price but I didn't have any money....the rest is history."
15 years, from Woodbridge, Virginia

"How are you treating life is a better question. Like mother nature (the bitch), life can be quite a bastard if not treated with tender loving care especially if you got a mate."
27 years, from Jutland, Denmark

"SUPER! Champagne, a leopardskin bathrobe, and YOU!"
36 years, from Lusby, Maryland

"Love is like a sleigh ride on a crisp winter day. Then the sleigh tips over, pinning you underneath. And at night, the ice weasels come. Does this answer your question?"
29 years, from Villa Park, Illinois

"Not very well, it keeps smacking me in the face with one adversity after another."
16 years, from Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

"I think I finally have this life thing figured out. There was some confusion at first, but I am at the reins now."
25 years, from Richmond, VA but Omaha, NE is home

"Life is good. I want to live to be very old and then fight for one more breath."
54 years, from St. Louis, Missouri

"Been without a woman for about 5 weeks now; definitely one week too long !"
34 years, from Winnipeg, Canada

"It would treat me better if YOU were around!!"
19 years, from Saskatoon, Canada

"Destiny is taking me to somewhere very special but i still don't know where."
19 years, from Athens, Greece

"Just the way she wants to... But then again all I have to do is wink, smile and hold on."
33 years, from Tampa, Florida

"I can't complain; I'm married at the age of 25 why I haven't figured out yet. I've been in debt for a few years now, the lord is trying to work with me but I constantly ignore him, and for some reason I feel all this has happened to me for a reason."
25 years, from Allenhurst, Georgia

"Suffering from typical teenage depression, yet reveling in the experience."
17 years, from Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"Cool, never better..cos i have everything i want right here beside me...!!! i never been happier!"
20 years, from Bandung, Indonesia

"So far so good, nothing to worry about. ( I am not married yet)"
17 years, from West New York, New Jersey

"I'm breathing, so can I really complain?"
23 years, from Chicago, Illinois

"I'm way too busy and i need more sleep, but just dandy i suppose."
15 years, from Ithaca, New York

"Bad and good. It changes every 3 minutes."
27 years, fro London, United Kingdom

"Frankly, I'd have to say I don't deserve it . . ., but very well, thank you."
61 years, from El Cajon, California

"Life is fine, but my mind is killing me."
19 years, from Houghton, New York

"Alive and healthy - two very important initiatives."
42 years, from Sioux City, Iowa

"Pretty great. I just had Internet installed today, and I got into your home page when I was looking for something about Rushdie."
17 years, from Cainta, the Philippines

"I like my own share of sorrows and happiness. It fits perfectly on my skinny shoulders."
43 years, from Orange, California

"I'm old enough to know what's right, but young enough not to choose it. <--Don't know where I heard it, but it's true."
16 years, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Lovely. It finally snowed. I was walking home after my most difficult final and it started snowing. They were wonderfully perfect snowflakes-just like ones cut from paper. They landed on my sweatshirt and I could see the pointed edges of them. Nobody was nearly as excited as I was and I didn't understand why. Never in my short 20 years have I ver seen snowflakes like that before!"
20 years, from Muncie, Illinois

"I have decided to treat life instead of letting it treat me. Basically, the journey is long but I am enjoying the view."
24 years, from Baltimore, Maryland

"Not good, i need a"
16 years, from Brooklyn, New York

"At the moment not so great, but it could be worser... "
19 years, from Leuven, Belgium

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I got lots of lemonade on the way."
14 years, from Petaluma, California

"Life is not treating me - I am treating my life and I am doing it as well as I can."
22 years, from Olomouc, Czech Republic

"I have just successfully managed to survive!"
21 years, from London, United Kingdom

"Life is swell! The sun is shining. The winter sky is blue and clear. And Santa Claus is coming to town--truly important with a six-year-old!"
47 years, from Auburn, Alabama

"Life is treating me pretty damn good. I only have five more months and then I am done with high school and get on with my life."
17 years, from Alma Center, Wisconsin

"Oh just great, your damn website has distracted me for the last 3 1/2 hours, and I'm to tired to even think about starting my mind numbing homework."
17 years, from Sherwood Park, Canada

"Good: learning how to sing for the first time and it's a relevation, also met a cool woman recently!"
25 years, from Washington, D.C., District of Colombia

43 years, from Nashville, Tennessee

"Hey, it's ok if I can just get through finals week... I graduate this summer and then I'm going to take a solo journey by canoe North to south in North America. Then I'd like to study medicine in China, or go into the Coast Guard."
22 years, from Omaha, Nebraska

"51 and holding: holding on to my belly when I go up stairs, holding on to my money for retirement, etc."
51 years, from Connersville, Indiana

"Ignorance is a bummer. I can understand how Socrates felt."
19 years, from Perth, Australia"

"I am a 'nerd' who is in the middle of the most important exams of his life so far, who is just now realising that his attitude to work this year could well be paralleled with the inscription on the statue of Ozymandias and the condition the statue is in. How does a study-hard feel when he realises he hasn't studied? OOOhhhh I'm depressed. You?"
18 years, from Auckland, New Zealand

"Just the way she wants to... But then again all I have to do is wink, smile and hold on."
33 years, from Tampa, Florida

"I can't complain; I'm married at the age of 25 why I haven't figured out yet. I've been in debt for a few years now, the lord is trying to work with me but I constantly ignore him, and for some reason I feel all this has happened to me for one reason, Felipe Heming,.. come see me!"
25 years, from Allenhurst, Georgia

"I'm broke, poor, and in debt! How about you?"
24 years, from Richmond, Virginia

"I like my own share of sorrows and happiness. It fits perfectly on my skinny shoulders."
43 years, from Orange, California

"*laughs* Life always surprises me... We are suppose to Live it not prepared for it! It has been enchanting... "
31 years, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"It does as it wishes, and I just try to increase my knowledge/ignorance ratio."
21 years, from Atchison, Kansas

"I have been born into opportunities that the majority of the world cannot imagine. Choice is the only problem I have that is not of my own making. People die, parents divorce but with love in your life, freedom of thought & speech, and the opportunity to educate yourself life will always have the potential to be fantastic. I got my breakfast by opening the fridge, not getting up at dawn to search through the rubbish dump."
19 years, from Auckland, New Zealand

"A piece of blue sky with pink little balls :)))"
21 years, from Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil

"Pretty well at this point, with sorrows balanced by great happiness."
41 years, from Sterling, Illinois

"Right now life seems to be good!! Ask me tomorrow and will have probably changed. I am involved in band at my school. It takes up a lot of my time."
16 years, from Lake Park, Georgia

"Awful, I feel as if the world is out to get to me. I'm standing alone on stage."
18 years, from Swansea, Massachusetts

"I have a sinus infection--too many cars out there."
51 years, from Santa Rosa, California

"What can go wrong, finds me with my back turned."
37 years, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts

"Life is 10% how it treats you, and 90% how you react to it. :)"
20 years, from Granville, Ohio

"Busy trying to bend reality to my will, and failing."
20 years, from Columbus, Ohio

"Spending most of it teaching my liver the lesson it so badly deserves!"
23 years, from Chicago, Pennsylvania

"Life is curious. Odd, strange, queer platitudinous banalities make my day-to-day a glorious golden gobb of mediocrity and paradoxical cycles of thought, wherein I chase my tail, catch it and let it go so I may chase it again. For it is the chase you see... Ah ha, yes, where did I hear that one before?"
25 years, from Tuscon, Arizona

"Pretty dramatic, but life is suppose to be that way for some people because God made it that way for a reason. And that reason is to teach us a lesson in life and for us to learn from our mistakes and then do what is best for us along in the future. Life is a TEST, love is an ESSAY, and learning is a RESPONSIBILTY."
17 years, from Bryan, Ohio

"Life doesn't treat, it rewards based on input. (but sometimes you can get an advance, right now I'm overdrawn)."
46 years (gad, am I that old?), Dallas, Texas

"Good. My boyfriend's got a nice body."
14 years, from Smithville, Missouri

"Good now that i am following a dream and am not aspiring to be a 'corporate automaton' that many of my acquaintances want to be and cannot overcome their own self-centered ignorance to see their true position in society. "
25 years, from Louisville, Kentucky

"Life is your reflection upon the water, and you are the droplet which make its ripple and wave."
37 years, from Calgary, Canada

"Like a sac of oranges hitting me over and over in the stomach!!!"
20 years, from West Chester

"So far pretty unfair but I can pull my way through I think!"
20 years, from Adams, Oregon

"Away from home!! Alone at the moment no friends!! No money !!! Just the net..... but in the weekend party-feeling and mens ...and money can I hope more??? So answer to your silly question ask me again after the weekend.... "
18 years, from Salo, Finland

"As well as I treat it - life is merely a preparation for death. Life is reality, and reality is an illusion caused by the deficiency of alcohol. on the whole though, WHAT COULD I DO WITHOUT IT?!!!!!"
20 years, from Newcastle upon Tyne, England

"Don't you think you make your own destiny? If it is life that is deturming my existence it's treating me pretty well."
18 years, from Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England

"Well...I'm accused of being a female player too many times and I can't keep a boyfriend cause their all wanna b gang bangers up here in Montana, so I have to dump them, but other than that I can't complain!"
17 years, from Butte, Montana

"I take it as it comes and try to make the best of it. Right now I'm trying to figure out what's the next step for me."
23 years, from Oldenburg, Germany

"Life has pushed me down, kicked dirt in my face, and I feel I am doing just as well as anyone else on our planet."
21 years, from Towson, Maryland

"I'm thrice blessed: love, faith, understanding."
68 years, from Los Angeles, California

"Like a lemon squeezed through the breast of a large boobed woman . you ??"
17 years, from Detroit, Michigan

"Life is Craaaaaazy, but then again, we would never ever survive unless we got a little crazy. So who am i to complain?"
16 years, from Vienna, Austria

"Life sucks, I hav 1 dead brother, 1 dead sister, and like 50 dead friends. But I can't really complain because I'm still here. But the road I'm on I'm probably gonna get shot from of the westsiders in Grand Island. If I don't I'll shoot myself if I can't find."
16 years, from Wood River, Nebraska

"By most standards, life is treating me well. In general life treats me with a detached sort of grace that if I'm not careful I will mistake for indifference. But I don't think it is indifference, I think that, perhaps, it is doing me the greatest kindness by letting me alone enough that, if I am very lucky, I will find myself with the jumbled rubble I have made for myself at various times in the past."
17 years, from Oakland, California

"Ten fingers, ten toes, no sexually transmitted diseases, so it's okay."
16 years, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I was stressed today, but got over it! I have a lot of questions for you, you look and act like someone I would like to meet. If you have time to view my website, go ahead, its a little out of date, but it was fun making it. You're quite a designer, but I have to tell you, the bathtub picture isn't you, I think I have that poster! :-) I'm sure you're just as beautiful..."
36 years, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Can't complain. Dead would be so much more boring."
21 years, from Tucson, Arizona

"Life is for me, of all the adjectives imaginable, anything but boring. Good or bad? I'll work that out in hindsight."
17 years, from New York, New York

"Murky. At the risk of seeming melodramatic, I lift my finger to my pulse that tells me 'Yes you are alive, Yes you are alive, Yes...'"
20 years, from Houston, Texas

"Fantastically! I have found that I was born to be retired!"
67 years, from Dearborn, Michigan

"My back hurts, my feet are killing me, but life is good."
61 years, from Carl Junction, Missouri

"Life has always treated me well, as I find it does most people who take responsibility for themselves."
55 years, from Phoenix, Arizona

17 years, from Thirsk, England

"My life has been an interesting one. I was born in the east end of Montreal during the depression and things were pretty tough both financially and from a social point of view. I was the only English kid on the block and in a pique of black humor used to say that I was 14 before I knew you could fight one person at a time. The isolation led to a scholarship to the best school in the city and some teachers whom I still revere. Have worked as a sports reporter for a Montreal daily, financial analyst, sales and as executive assistant to a Federal Minister. Married for 44 years and adopted three great kids. Now retired and have lived through cancer, broken back discs from Judo and bad knees from basketball and track. Still love a good scotch and preserve in my love of Greece, philosophy and good books. How is life treating me? Who could ask for any better? My feeling is that life is as good as you make it."
68 years, from Kanata, Ontario, Canada

"If life is a gift why did I have so much trouble turning 26?"
26 years, from Boston, Massachusetts

"Like a flash-flood in the desert--all of a sudden the sky has opened up and it's pouring, lightening crashing all around me, wet blue-violet horizon, and I am engulfed by the storm. Contrary to all my expectations, life at the moment is overwhelming in its beauty and depth."
40 years, from Los Angeles, California

"Bad question, I'm cynical bitter and jaded..."
17 years, from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"I've decided that everyone who smokes cigarettes should look at themselves in the mirror, realize that they don't need to smoke to stay calm, and now that they are addicted, they don't "like" it as much as they tell people they do. And if they want to be tough, quitting smoking means they're pretty tough, right? I hear it's hard. My Grandmother's dying as a result of smoking... Life is great! Why choose to be dependent, standing outside a "no smoking" restaurant in the freezing rain and winter hasn't even arrived yet?"
18 years, from Rochester, New York

"My boyfriend just had a tumor removed from his head, he is currently a college dropout, and he's painfully poor. I have his love forever, though, and a really fancy computer... so life's treating me pretty well, isn't it?"
18 years, from Berwyn, Pennsylvania

"Bad question, I'm cynical bitter and jaded..."
17 years, from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"For a long time I always looked inward and was never satisfied. Lately I have been looking outward and realize that I have been blessed."
42 years, from Alexandria, Louisiana

"Terrible at the moment. I can identify with Lord Byron whole-heartedly."
41 years, from Houston, Texas

"Not too shabbily. Life is strange and wondrous."
22 years, from Ra'anana, Israel

"Life is like a chilled glass of water. Rings a bell?"
28 years, from Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I've just realised, God gives a certain amount of things to do in life. I've just one problem, I am so behind that I'm never going to be allowed to die!!!!!!"
17 years, from Manchester, Great Britain

"Life? What's life? I've been here in this hole..."
16 years, from Gainesville , Florida

"I got hit by a car on Thursday morning while walking to hurts, but I'm not dead and I have no broken bones (we still don't know how I managed that, the chick was driving pretty fast)...I'm a bit sore, but happy, I get out of school for the next couple of days 'cause the doctor said I can't go (I love doctors sometimes!)...I am content, I use people for my amusement, and when they no longer amuse me, I throw them back into the fish bowl to find a new toy until I'm sick of that one! I treat life well, it treats me well. I don't fuck people over, so karma doesn't kick my ass! I kick down my pot when I have it, and it all comes back to me eventually...I sit back, drink my beers, and love everybody around me as much as possible!"
16 years, from Oakhurst, Calfornia

"Life is wonderful and each day more and more miracles happen. Some good and some bad, but all are daily miracles that make me give thanks."
23 years, from Chico, California

"Well, the ol' dogs are acting up, but all else is okay."
27 years, from Newark Delaware

"I am writing my sister's eulogy. She is dying from brain cancer and I was looking for Thomas' "Do not go gentle..." poem for her. To answer your question-my life is actually very good. I wish I could continue to share it with my sister."
42 years, from Topeka, Kansas

"Every chapter has its own different treatment/torture."
25 years, from Dallas, Texas

"Life is simply a journey back to God. And what a trip I've had so far!"
age is not applicable for me anymore.....i am an adult and know who I am, from Bangkok, Thailand

"I feel like an acorn -- every damn pig wants a piece of me."
17 years, from Irvine California

"Life ain't easy."
18 years, from Cebu, Philippines

"Getting it up the ass everyday; I think I'm cursed or something..."
30 years, from Pasadena, California

"Life's as good as I make it. Thank goodness for the human capacity for change and growth: Don't go anywhere without it!"
38 years, from Cleveland, Ohio

"Just starting, but I'm already having heaps of fun, thanks for asking."
21 years, from Tampere, Finland

"I complain about it constantly, but get up in the morning ready to tackle the day..."
49 years, from Pacific Palisades, California

"Blah! Got my in-laws at home 'til November."
28 years, from Los Angeles, California

"Really great! I'm realising now how short life is....... It's not a rehearsal, one cannot go back....tomorrow never comes.....Today is all one has, and although I've no intention of leaving this mortal coil for many years to come I continually remind myself of Dylan Thomas' words, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light, Do not go gentle into that good night" Wish I could write poetry like that! Cheers!"
57 years, from Adelaide, South Australia

"Today was the most beautiful day! Life Is Good! I always make the best of everything I do! That way there are no disappointments!"
29 years, from Garden Grove, California

"It is hard to climb up the mountain but the view is better."
50 years, from Warmond, Holland

"Just now like G.A. Becquer tells in your page."
31 years, from Madrid, Spain

"I am always fine If I am close to Jesus Christ. Without him no more help to me in this world."
29 years, from Jakarta, Indonesia

"Well the truth its passing by."
15 years, from Amman, Jordan

"Ok for the most part but the teen angst is starting to kick in."
16 years, from Seattle, Washington

"Well, but still it's hard to seize the day."
20 years, from New Fairfield, Connecticut

"For one that has flown over the kookoos nest numerous times and landed with the right stuff on my fair lady in a blazing saddle on the blue Danube up the river without a paddle with the usual suspects back from deliverance after spraying American graffiti on my blue suede shoes making me shake rattle and roll till the midnight hour like a rubberband man with nowhere to run with all the Presidents men that were on Porkchop Hill kickin some ass with the Stones and Amadeus ... I would have to say that life is the pate on a cracker before the main-course."
33 years, from Fairfax, Virginia

"Great! But I'm always looking to improve it.."
37 years, from San Jose, California

"Petty good but mysteriously slow and boring and I have been wondersome also about many things going on in my life."
16 years, from New Jersey

"It's not so much the way it is treating me as the way I am treating it."
20 years, from Perth, Australia

"Pretty bland and monotonous but overall good."
28 years, from Cape Girardeau, Missouri "Like a British summer: rather unexpectedly."
27 years, from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom "I run through the seasons of doubt!"
24 years, from College Station, Texas

"Very well ...I just got in from water skiing!"
35 years, from Sacramento, California

"Giving me a challenge, but that's cool, life is worth it."
38 years, from Worcester, Massachusetts

"As well as a person of my nature wants."
52 years, from Crab Orchard, Nebraska

"Better than yesterday; Though not as good as tomorrow"
22 years, from Boynton Beach. Florida

"No complain, I thank God for the creation of which I am part..."
45 years, from Essex, New Jersey

"Like a cork in the ocean during a storm -- I get tossed and dunked, but never sink and always know calm waters are ahead. . .as well as another damn storm."
45 years, from Newport Beach, California

"Little is the luck I've had, And oh, 'tis comfort small To think that many another lad Has had no luck at all."
17 years, from St. Peters, Missouri

"Como a una hoja seca, todo depende del viento a veces subo, a veces bajo sin que pueda hacer nada. Claro siempre estoy luchando contra esta corriente, muchas veces vano pero aun asi lucho."
19 years, from Lima, Peru

"I was in the desert, naked, bestial; Holding my heart in my hands and eating of it; When a human came upon me and asked how it tasted; "Bitter - bitter," I replied (smiling); "But I like it because it is bitter and because it is my heart." (acknowledgments to Stephen Crane)"
25 years, from San Francisco, California

"Life is treating me as a deserve I would have to say.. and since I have been a good girl lately.. Life has been very good.... "
30 years, from Los Angeles, California

"My marriage is intact,, my kids are educated and employed, and my job pays well. God continues to bless us generously."
63 years, from Garden Grove, California

"Me siento como un ciego dandose golpes contra todo aquello que le aparece por delante."
29 years, from Asunción, Paraguay

"Life is harder than I ever expected, yet much better than I deserve!"
40 years, from Orem, Utah

"I am a Christian. Your thinking is really good!"
40 years old, from Singapore

"With too much garlic..."
47 years, from Littleton, Massachusetts

"Life at the moment is treating me horrible. As you know I am only 15 and I have lost my mother, been raped, been mollested, been in a childrens hom and foster home, dad's a drugy and he is trying to get me to become one to. i am not going to give in, I hope."
15 years, from Englewood, Colorado

"Life treats me how it wants to, and I, unfortunately, have no control over how it wants to direct me."
17 years, from Columbus, Ohio

"Fine I think?????????????? School you know?"
19 years, from Hoorn, Holland

"How do you think? I've just gone back to college and I live over a pub!"
20 years, from Westbury-on-Trym, United Kingdom

"Well, at this time life is playing tricks on me . . . nothing is certain, and I feel like a tourist without a map."
25 years, from Neward, New Jersey

"A little bit of bliss, a little bit of shit."
29 years, from Cheltenham, England

"Life always treats me right. I am learning to accept that."
50 years, from San Jose, California

"Life is filled with peaks and valleys.... I am on one of the deepest valleys ever, hoping I make it to the next peak. A plateau would be nice, too."
24 years, from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I've been cursed with exactly what I wanted."
35 years, from Lenexa, KS

"Like a baby treats a diaper, but somehow your still thankful for the diaper."
28 years, from Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Right now I'm so happy I hope the alarm clock never goes off."
23 years old, from Greensboro, North Carolina

"According to Samuel Johnson I am tired of life, for I am tired of London. But instead I look forward to returning the calm, clean, green, open spaces of New Zealand someday and in the meantime feel like life is going pretty well."
28 years, from London, at present, but I feel the pull of Auckland, NZ

"Like the eye of a hurricane. All is calm, for now."
28 years, from Columbia, South Carolina

"Splendid. I have a beautiful and tender wife and two incredibly naughty (thank's god) boys. Should I ask for more?"
31 years, from Mirida, Mexico

"Pretty well, although I'm finding it difficult to 'play the game' of dating after ending a (bad) four-year relationship. But I'm concentrating on being happy and kind so I think things will ultimately work out. Thank you for an almost endlessly thought-provoking site!"
32 years, from Long Beach, California

"I do wish that I didn't have this cancer problem. Most people, having examined everyone's problems, are content with theirs. Today I am well fed, warm and comfortable."
66 years, from Phoenix, Arizona

"Like a chicken killing dog."
26 years, from Seadrift, Texas

"'s me who's treating life and not otherwise...and I'm treating it well...pretty well.."
44 years, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Hmmmm. why is it so hard to answer such a question???? Ever heard about Hippocrates ideas of the four humours? Well I have, adn according to him, I'm melancholic (which doesn't mean I'm depressed all of the time, just most of the time)...Anyway, he lists questions you never ask a melancholic; 1. How are you? 2. How's life treating you? and 3. Are you happy? So, since you have asked me the wrong question I'm afraid I cannot answer it.... I simply don't know how!!!! :) Yeah, I'm only 17 and I'm already cynical about everything.... but I'm surprisingly optimistic about life.... "
17 years, from Sidney, Australia

"With Jesus as my Savior, if I was any happier I'd be twins."
31 years, from Hays, Kansas

"Better than I deserve, I suspect! Too many options and no idea how to choose between them... guess I'll just keep doing everything for a bit!!"
23 years, from Brisbane, Australia

"Spectacularly well. I must have done something karmically wonderful that I was unaware of at the time, to deserve such good fortune. I am nauseatingly happy. Thank you so much for asking."
30 years, from London, Great Britain

"At the moment, stress is prevalent, otherwise, life is decent."
17 years, from Brisbane, Australia

"En este tiempo y en este espacio quiero decirte que la vida me trata grandiosamente."
35 years, from Miami, Florida

"Giving me surprises almost every day and the opportunity to learn (Have you heard that you can learn from your experiences, readings and mistakes? Well, I am on the intensive course!!!)"
27 years, from Mexico City, Mexico

"Life treats me indifferently. I choose if it is kind or harsh."
30 years, from Salt Lake City, Utah

"It'd be better if my Finals were over, and I could find some literary criticism on the web on the poetry of Wilfred Owen! Also, if the sun stopped shining so I could sit at my desk and do some work rather than spend all day in the garden idly flicking through poetry books! (Please excuse the decidedly uncool response to this question)."
21 years, from Durham, Great Britain

"Like a house fly, everyone tries to swat me down."
18 years, from Hampden, Maine

"Life is what you make it. At the moment it is very economical because I have a major assignment due for economics tomorrow and I can't find the current statistics I need to put in it!"
17 years, from Melbourne, Australia

"Like shit, I have a damn paper on Jean Jacques Rousseau due tomorrow at 3 and i need critiques!"
20 years, from Queens, New York

"Right now, Life is toying with me; dangling Death right in front of my nose, only to snatch it away when I reach out to grab it."
17 years, Auckland, New Zealand

"Not quite sure... think I'm starting to get the hang of it!"
37 years, from Danbury, Connecticut

"Like a parent playing with a toddler -- with much joy but certain limits."
31 years, from Gaithersburg, Maryland

"Good. I consider myself a lucky person. I was born into privileged circumstances and I have always tried to make the best out of them."
15 years, from Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia

"It is one distraction after another..."
24 years, from New York, New York

"Are you familiar with G. A. Becquer's biography? I find I can relate to his love life :("
21 years, from Austin, Texas

"Life has its ups and downs, its how you get up again!"
32 years, from Arnhem, Netherlands

"Good. Bad. It is entirely neutral towards me. It doesn't treat me at all. Or maybe it is treating me nicely but I just lack to capacity to comprehend and appreciate this fact. Or maybe it is just totally cruel to me but I think it is being nice and easy on me. I dont know. Anything is possible. You name it. Why? Does it matter?"
20 years, from Ankara, Turkey

"Amazingly well considering two of my kids are now teenagers! But my motto is "Carpe diem" so I always try to get the best out of life, no matter what is being offered that day."
40 years, from Ontario, Canada

"I think I'm starting to sort my life out a little. Some bits are too ordered and some bits too chaotic but I'm working on it."
21 years, from Bristol, England

"After reading these responses...I feel like I should say something clever...but I'll just say..quite well, thanks."
30 years, from Bellevue, Washington

"Why no preset answers!? Alive and growing I hope!"
58 years, from Hawkhurst, United Kingdom

"I can't complain; I have a 4.0 gpa, a supporting family, wonderful friends, and a lot of talent. At this point, I don't think I could be happier for a 14 year old if I was a queen."
14 years, from Cheyenne, Wyoming

"Like a worn out shoe - smelly and full of holes!"
22 years, from Stavanger, Norway

"The quality of my life relates directly to my level of understanding of the purpose of life. and so far my life is kinda blah! and you?"
33 years, from St. Louis, Missouri

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. So I must be doing pretty well, I am still alive."
26 years, from Phoenix, Arizona

"Great! I've realized that life has no purpose, everything we create will be destroyed, that God is a trickster-anarchist, that the Second Law of Thermodynamics dooms the universe, that we are all consentually bound and restricted by gods and governments and cannot take flight until we let go of these chains -- which we never will. But, hey, I don't let it bother me."
16 years, from Marlboro, New Jersey

"Well, I gotta write a paper on the fucking Argentinian genocides that made sure that 30.000 argentinians disappeared."
17 years, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Is there a true love in life?"
24 years, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"I like to believe that life in this overprivileged country of ours is always a comedy; but I confess sometimes I don't see it."
43 years, from Redwood City, California

"Life is like a box of farts if you open it, it STINKS. I've opened that box one too many times."
15 years, from Jamaica, New York

"It's treating me okay. I got to visit my new nephew this last weekend and he is so cute! Otherwise I'm just fine."
15 years, from Charleston, Utah

"Lately life has been toying with's treating me like any other unappreciated, directionless colllege grad.....thank God for my health and my sanity. Otherwise I wouldn't have the energy to deal with all this insanity."
23 years, from Newport News, Virginia

"It's just confusing me more and more."
21 years, from Gainesville, Florida

"Life has its high and low points, but my life has grown more positively as I have grown older."
46 years, from Bayonne, New Jersey

"Ask me the same question in a couple of years .. cause I'm still trying to figure it out."
29 years, from Cairo, Egypt

"Well, I'm happy because while I stay alive I have the opportunity to turn my dreams real....., is just that I'm confused which are my dreams."
25 years, from Mexico City, Mexico

"Capitalism treats my brothers and sisters bad. It makes me sick."
17 years, from Kumla, Sweden

"Why do you ask me this question? Do you what me to get depressed? Just kidding.... Good..... Thanks for asking."
19 years, from Allentown, Pennsylvania

"I have just woken up to the realization that life is finally ready for me and I am ready for it."
19 years, from Waterloo, Canada

"I've been down so long that everything looks like up to me."
36 years, Seoul, Korea

"My life is perfect. I have a girlfriend, I am doing well at school and I have condition than ever. Only thing... I just need some money."
14 years, from Espoo, Finland

"Bad. It's like a corn seed stuck in your teeth that you just cant get out. Ever had that feeling?"
19 years, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Couldn't be better. Couldn't be worse. That's the short version."
16 years, from Gainesville, Florida

"It's okay, my mom and I dont get along too well, and I'm having problems at school. One of my friends is addicted to marijuana, so I am having a lot of stress helping him out, but I know he'll do okay. And I'm basically having the same problems every other girl my age does, you know, with guys and stuff, so it's all good."
14 years, from New Jersey, New Jersey

"Very nice.. i think... i'm doing it real.. :)"
22 years, from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

"Life does not 'treat me': instead I treat it - it is like a choose your own adventure book with an innumerable amount of adventures."
17 years, from Bloomington, Indiana

"Life's treating me with kid-gloves this morning. Even life itself knows not to annoy me when I'm this hungover. I wish my noisy room-mates knew the same thing...."
21 years, from Dublin, Ireland

"Fine. Actually, I am following the pattern of life: a 19-year-old, attending college. "
19 years, from Binghamton, New York

"Fair, i'm in college and just got dumped by a dame."
19 years, from Arkadelphia, Arkansas

"What can I say, I'm not drunk, I'm not naked with a woman, and I've got little or no chance of being either tonight, but other than that? Great, Grand, Wonderful."
20 years, from Kellogg, Idaho

"Peachy!! Rent is late, the bill need to be paid, but I still sing my song and dance naked in the streets."
21 years, from Austin, Texas

"As blooms the tree in summer's sun so my heart grows warm!"
25 years, from Fowler, Indiana

"I haven't got much money - but in things that matter I'm one of the richest men in the world."
from 39 years, from York, Great Britain

"I suppose Great - What could be better than being forced to read great Literature and write hideously long papers about it."
22 years, from Starkville, Mississippi

"Okay... one just has to remind oneself to see things more positively."
42 years, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I think I'm on the verge, but it ain't as bad as I thought it would be."
22 years, from St. Paul, Minnesota

"Better since the boils have been lanced."
34 years, from Piscataway, New Jersey

"Since recently I feel I don't know where the hell my life is going. I guess I'll find out when I get there."
26 years, from Bilbao, Spain

"While I have a breath left in my body I will believe, despite the darkness in the hearts of men, that life is precious, good, of great worth, beautiful to the point of incomprehension, and to be lived deliberately!"
32 years, from Bartlett, Tennessee

"Most wonderfully well! Mostly, anyhow - as well as one who works with lawyers can get."
23 years, from Boston, Massachusetts

"Life is treatin' it should, I suppose--you know, the ups and downs...more of the downs than ups. But I get by..."
19 years, from Westfield, Massachusetts

"Like a big nobbly stick, I'm on teaching practice and so am disappearing under piles and piles of lesson plans, schemes of work and marking. Other than that I'm surviving, just."
33 years, from Sheffield, England

"Life has been quite rude to me lately... I have quite an urge to give it a piece of my mind. But then I might not get it back. My mind often wanders, you see, but as long as it comes back once in a while, I don't worry too much. Most people don't even notice it's gone. :-)"
19 years, from Saskatoon, Canada

"By the Grace of Almighty God, Very Kindly!!!"
25 years, from Lahore, Pakistan

"Ask me again when i graduate college in august :|"
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I am an optimist in the general sense; but sometimes anxiety encapsulates me; boredom extracts the zealous spirit out of me; confusion, craving, and loneliness do at times make me subscribe to gloomy creeds. Still, I am an optimist; believing fully in Bergson's 'elan vital' and the perpetuation of life."
26 years, from Liverpool, United Kingdom

"Life has its peaks and valleys; at this moment, I am in a valley."
18 years, from Houston, Texas

"Life is good, but so many essays! Study study study. You?"
34 years, from Bathurst, Canada

"Great, except I'm surrounded by Mormons who despise me because I believe in evolution and my parents fight over the vcr's in my house constantly. Other then that I'm a teen, so I have a long time for it to get better!"
17 years, from Boise, Idaho

"Great! Life really did begin at 40! I'm letting go of many of the needless worries and looking at the world with an attitude of gratitude, appreciating the incredible beauty around us - if we only let it in and let go of the stupid stuff."
47 years, from Port Townsend, Washington

"Not the question to ask right now. I just finished an exam that I stayed up most the night studying for. I'm not sure how well I did :("
24 years, from Columbus, Ohio

"Great! Full time social work student, recently engaged"
24 years, from Stow, Ohio

"Life's treating me pretty well. I'm looking for a girlfriend (hint hint Vancouverites), and my grades are WAY up. Life's treating me well right now."
14 years, from Vancouver, Canada

"Life treats me well...but stress builds up. Must go skiing soon."
Calgary, Canada

"School sucks and adults try to tie you down."
17 years, from Deerfield, Illinois

"!Fantabuloso! I just met a brunette with unbearably long legs :)"
19 years, from Waco, Texas

"Hmmm... i'm hungover, it's valentine's day, i have a ten page paper due Monday, and I lost spent most of my money on beer. I don't think life's treating me well. But tommorrow's another day!!"
19 years, from Wenham, Massachusetts

"Fine, I guess. I live a ordinary life. So that's up for debate"
19 years, from Gaithersburg, Maryland

"Better than it was. As a chemistry student, my interest in my course has been revived now that I have found out about the potential of nanotechnology."
19 years, from Southampton, Great Britain

"I love life and all the resident complications that such a relationship implies. In other words children...Birth is hard, Death is mean, So have some fun in between."
34 years, Kennett, Missouri

"Lousy but interesting, sometimes too interesting."
38 years, from Malacca, Malaysia

"Life will be a million times better when I am done these f&#!@$g papers and I can just sit and relax for spring break, but thanks for asking"
19 years, from Saskatoon, Canada

"Life's mundane...death is the only escape for this hell we call life."
23 years, from Manila, Philippines

"Okay I'm seventeen, no idea of where i'm going to school after I graduate And continue to get hassled by my parents everyday and I am just now (after four years) figuring out how to avoid bad hair days so can you figure out if I picked "Trick or Treat" on October 31!!!"
17 years, from Portsmouth, Virginia

"It differs to such a point I don't waste my time paying attention. I kust worry about how I treat myself."
19 years, from Putnam, Connecticut

"I can't is great!!!.....I survived a near death experience...broken and ankle and some ribs:(...but the fact that I lived to tell you about it is wonderful!!!!"
30 years, from Fresno, California

"Birsting out in tears by reading your letter to reveren Arthur Dimmesdale. It was beautiful. Apart from that I'm a happy young Swedish woman just starting an English course at a University in Sweden."
23 years, from Halmstad, Sweden

"Life is such a game: You win or you lose - And I lost!"
17 years, from Weiz, Austria

"I just got a report due and I needed to find info on Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Life is not treating me."
17 years, from Portsmouth, Virginia

"Excellent 'cept i had surgery on my ankle..but its fun staying home for 2 months!!!!"
14 years, from Sacramento, California

"Slightly better than pretty good on the way to great."
38 years, from St. Paul, Minnesota

"Like we say in the Air Force...... 'Sir, I am doing outstanding' ....but I have come to realize that there are many different levels of outstanding. Sometimes you are so outstanding that you are at the top of the world, other times you are just moderately outstanding, and most of the time you are so outstanding that you are doing good enought to get out of bed and get through another day."
19 years, from the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Always more school work to do but always another beer to drink."
18 years, from Saginaw, Michigan

"I'm just alive and it's really great . God put me on earth for many things to do. But I've not done anything yet. So I believe that I still have long life left. I mean, I've got many things to do, so at least, I'm not gonna be called back to God before I finish them. Don't you think? : ) "
15 years, from Seoul, South Korea

"The same way my cat, Chino, treats flies. He starts by batting at them, then playing with them, knocking the wind out of them, and finally losing interest in them after they stop twitching. I also think he plots to eat them eventually."
15 years, from New Castle, Indiana

"Just like it's treating everyone else--indifferently. I fight the constant battle of reminding myself that there is no order or justice to life, other than what I am able to impose on it. Once I realized that Life doesn't exist without me there to realize its presence, I'm finding that things are easier to deal with. I still don't know why I am alive, whether I should even be alive, and, assuming answers to the first two, where I should be headed. Once I do have these answers, though, I will be unstoppable!"
21 years, from Seattle, Washington

"Life is life.....It's how I decide I'm going to enjoy it that matters. With all that I have to be thankful for and all that I am blessed with, life is great! The more thankful I am, the better life gets!"
28 years, from Whitewright, Texas

"It's interesting - hard, but interesting..."
17 years, from Fillmore, California

"Enjoy every day! Another foot in the grave...."
71 years, from Konginkangas, Finland

"They've all got their heads in the clouds...they're not at all what they seem. They also say don't fear your's easier than it seems. Even though my ticket to ride has expired years ago, I'm still riding this train..."
13 years, from Linden, New Jersey

"Living in the world, not of it..."
21 years, from Topeka, Kansas

"Like the colors exploding from a prism; depends on the time of day!"
40 years, from Kelso, Washington

"Couldn't be better! I'm a blissful newlywed with a interesting and challenging career; my health is great and I have good friends. What more could I want? Well, maybe a faster connection to the Internet...thanks for asking!"
35 years, from Columbus, Ohio

"Better than I ever deserved."
45 years, from Madison, Alabama

40 years, from Miami, Florida

"Scaring me, waking me up, and reminding me that I am indeed still alive."
26 years, from East Liverpool, Ohio

"Just the way I treat it.........GREAT."
33 years, from Las Vegas, Nevada

55 years, from Minot, North Dakota

"The battles are many, the victories few."
35 years, from Newmarket, New Hampshire

"I dont know, since life can only be understood backwards, but lived forwards."
17 years, from Booker, Texas

"Pretty well considering that two days ago i was kayaking and flipped over and broke my nose on a rock."
19 years, from Hanover, New Hampshire

"Like a mother her son"
23 years, from Los Angeles, California

"I was just uprooted from the great state of Alabama (Gulf Coast) and sent to Ohio!! Therefore not GREAT"
24 years, from Cincinnati, Ohio

"Could be better? Not feeling very Happy Healthy and Wealthy today."
34 years, from New York City, New York

"When I find out, I'll let you know."
19 years, from Champaign, Illinois

"Well, you get what you deserve. It's awesome!"
23 years, from Bozeman, Montana

"It's just wonderful."
50 years, from Erie, Pennsylvania

"Así así."
29 years, from smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley

"Like a cherry on top of a banana split."
30 years, from Texas

"Not so good. I am having severe problems with my Kidneys right now. but life goes on!!"
17 years, from Lakeland, Florida

"Good until the end of the on summer holidays."
38 years, from Sydney, Australia

"Life is pretty good, and would be better if i could go to the US for further studies and get a good boyfriend. Is it too much to ask? No rite?...that 's what i think. hehehe"
18 years, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Peachy, can't complain. Christmas was good. You?"
16 1/4 years, from Memphis, Tennessee

"I quote the inimitable Joe Walsh, 'Life's been good to me so far.'"
29 years, from Provo, Utah

"I'm a stressed-out, first year, junior high art teacher!"
21 years, from Provo, Utah

"Stress, stress, stressssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! I need to chill!!!"
30 years, from Sherman Oaks, California

"1 semester of college down, 7 to go!"
19 years, from Newton, Massachusetts

"Great! Because I hope in Jesus, the future King."
71 years, from Anaheim, California

"Since I met a wonderful woman from Lancaster, Pa, my life is treating me quite nicely, indeed!"
60 years, from Herkimer, New York

"I could not be happier...more money maybe, but not happier!"
43 years, from Glendale, Arizona

"Fine, if you think rebelling is normal for my age."
14 years, from Temple, Texas

"Profitably, in terms of luxury, learning, and a luscious lady"
18 years, from Columbus, Ohio

"Life is just absorbing my life."
24 years, from Lisbon, Portugal

"Life hasn't actually TREATED ME yet, but I expect that it will, any day now!"
50 years, from Pikeville, Kentucky

"Certainly better than I deserve; not as well as I wish."
44 years, from Austin, Texas

"It's cold as hell outside, but I got a fire burning inside!"
31 years, from Salt Lake, Utah

"As a heterosexual white male in an affirmative action culture what do you think?"
41 years, from Seattle, Washington

"Life is just like a game of hit the spittoon."
19 years, from Sliema, Malta

"It's not so much how life is treating me, it's how i'm treating life. And I fear life is feeling a bit neglected at this point."
17 years, from Pensacola, Florida

"It keeps getting better, so long as I keep the monsters at bay!"
36 years, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"They watch me those informers to the fates, called fortune, chance, necessity, and death."
29 years, from Worcester, England

"Much better since I retired, thank you!"
67 years, from Seattle, Washington

"Surviving is the word..."
22 years, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Can't complain, and even if I did who would listen..?"
28 years, from Kitchener, Ontario

"'We must endure our going out, even as our coming hither.' Shakespeare"
52 years, from Fargo, North Dakota

"I generally try not to personafy such abstracted notions such as God, Satan, Jesse Helmsism (oopse!) ask such a question leads me to believe that you practice animism"
21 years, from Greater Metropolitan Greenville, North Carolina

"I'm Hester Prynne on the platform."
18 years, from Kent, Ohio

"If it wasn't for school, i would be doing great. go Kansas city chiefs!"
15 years, from Los Altos, California

"I am currently going through the fourth class system here at The Citadel. So I'm doing as best as can be expected."
19 years, from Charleston, South Carolina

"Could be better, but not as bad as it could be...."
32 years, from Coventry, Rhode Island

"Just living in a fuckin jailhouse. I'm on the verge of killing myself, but haven't quite figured on how to do it. I thought of injecting. Whaddya think ?"
16 years, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Finals start tomorrow. 'Nuff said."
19 years, from Los Angeles, California

"Life is truly God's spirit made visible"
19 years, from Corpus Christi

"Not so good. I'm teaching in inner-city Chicago. It's just as hopeless as you described LA."
26 years, from Chicago, Illinois

"I think I am not treating life as well as I should, despite that, I am treated decently by life."
46 years, from Baltimore, Maryland

"...Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!..." Shelley, Ozymandias"
18 years, from Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"Not bad. I've been drinking water from a magnetic cup and sleeping deeply and sweetly."
age = not too old to rock'n'roll, from Baltimore, Maryland

"Good, very good (at least yet)."
15 years, from Halmstad, Sweden

"I live a blessed life"
25 years, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Great quote on the Castro page! Really made me smile! When's the old goat gonna croak??"
40 years, from Washington D.C.

"Been dealt a decent enough hand ... anyway its the only game in town, friend. Folding is no option."
42 years, from Norcross, Georgia

"I am worn out, tired, but still alive. I try and keep my head up through all adversity and live the best life I can."
18 years, from Clearwater, Florida

"Okay... if I could just lose some weight. :-)"
42 years, from Odessa, Texas

"Life, full of hopeless hope, uncertainty and insanity."
25 years, from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

"Like a banned book, some hate me, others interested in me b/c they just do not understand."
20 years, from Greenville, North Carolina

"Life does not seem like life. It seems like Satan has swallowed up everything we own... in one gulp mind you. Otherwise, not so bad I guess! Thanks for asking!"
15 years, from Crivitz, Florida

"As good as it can get at this moment. I'm a teenager which pretty much means that my life hasn't started yet."
18 years, from New York, New York

15 years, from Moblie, Alabama

"I try to weak up with a positive attitude every day."
26 years, from Guatemala City, Guatemala

"Greatly dangering my sympethedic life."
17 years, from Gibbon, Nebraska

"Life is great: except for finals, hate, prejudice, cowardice, and the absence of Beauty in a world obsessed with beauty other than that every thing is ok-doky."
18 years, from Cookeville, Tennessee

"Poor to fair but improving each time I get encouragement from reading such works as "Thoughts on Thinking". However, nothing beats life like enjoying it in the High Sierras!"
31 years, from Anaheim, California

"It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of was My Life!"
28 years, from Fullerton, California

"I make my own destiny."
32 years, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

"Life is sunny for now, but the way life goes I will expect for some rain."
23 years, from Tallahassee, Florida

"No complaints."
58 years, from Uxbridge, Massachusetts

"When the sun shines I smile."
34 years, from Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Great and could be better...what else is new?"
41 years, from Miami, Florida

"Life pats me on the head and in return I kick it in the shins. In terms of external events, my life is wonderful. In terms of how I deal with it and my emotions, my life is terrible. Trying to reconcile my feelings with my 'outside' life is one of my goals right now-- I'm not doing so hot at bringing it about, though. Somehow I've got to make the internal and the external correspond."
19 years, from Baltimore, Maryland

"Because I have te basic freedom to tell you honestly how my life is I'd say its damn fine!!!!"
21 years, from Brisbane, Australia"

"horas non numero nisi serenas", or at least trying to live up to this. You see: few men think, yet all will have opinions - I can say the same as Berkley: everybody has an opinion -which is good!- about this "how is life treating you"-question, but a lot of people seem to be deceived by some mysterious pessimism, especially younger ones: WHY? Life is Ok, it's good. If it wasn't here, what would be? In Belgium we say: een gegeven paard kijkt men niet in de muil, or in English: don't criticize what you get, be glad you got it - although sometimes a manual on how to use it would come in handy. Life ... take it or leave it, I would like to hang around some more, I guess, and enjoy my sorrow while it lasts."
19 years, from Ghent and Bruges (Belgium), with my thoughts in Avignon (France)

"Great! I just love the stress of term papers, finals, and medschool apps all at the same time! =) Actually, it's not as bad as I pretend, I just like to complain!"
21 years, from Spokane, Washington

"Well, last month some asshole burnt my house down, I'm homeless, I got fired, and I had to drop two classes. My mom dislikes my attitude as much as my last boss, I no longer can afford psychiatric help or medication for my obvious difficulties, and my dog bites me. Can't get any worse, huh?"
23 years, from Fort Worth, Texas

"46 and I did good enough to start again at 47 ..too cussed and curious to quit."
46 years, from San Clemente, California

"It's going ok, I am looking to adopt a baby and if that goes through, life will be GREAT!!!"
29 years, from Colorado Springs, Colorado

"life is good, thanx..."
31 years, from Alaska Lake, Wisconsin

"Fair-to-good, however after reading several of your selections, I have a better outlook toward some aspects of living."
78 years, from Dallas, Texas

"Peachy Keen, Jelly Been."
17 years, from Buffalo, New York

"Not too good at the moment."
20 years, from Smithfield, Rhode Island

"Life is treating me like a bad step-child."
21 years, from Oregon, Ohio

"Terrible can't get no help with my medical problems"
22 years, from Duncansville, Pennsylvania

"For the most part, better than I treat myself."
20 years, from Buffalo, New York

"Just groovy. What about you? You look like you're just taking life easy and chillin' in your sunglasses ;)"
18 years, from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

"Materially, poorly; spiritually it's giving me TIME... but for WHAT?"
52 years, from St. Louis, Missouri

"Enthralling at times, a bit funny, but tends to be more ironic and sad."
21 years, from New York City, New York

"I'm treating it."
20 years, from Los Gatos, California

"In the middle of writing some screenplays at the moment, actually, so generally I'd say fairly well."
18 years, from Kansas City, Missouri

"Not good enough at the time...maybe it will later!"
20 years, from Martinez, Georgia

"This question is too hard to answer. Besides, I don't think it matters much."
25 years, from Beaverton, Michigan

25 years, from Vrigstad, Sweden

"I hate school."
13 years, from Gastonia, North Carolina

"Ever been sucking on a peppermint, blissfully enjoying the feeling of digesting resteraunt food in the inner parts of your belly when suddenly you cut your tongue on a sharpend sliver of the peppermint? That's how life is treating me right now. Thanks fer askin'!"
age = "I thought she was 18!", from The City of Lost Children in the State of Insanity

"Fine. And you?"
17 years, from High Point, North Carolina

"Like an overstayed house guest."
19 years, from Cleveland, Ohio

"Tolerable, but could be better. Depends on reaction, don't you think?"
47 years, from New Lisbon, New York

"Life is just life, no more, no less."
32 years, from Singapore

"The question is how I'm treating life. I could be ignorant and happy but that would be too easy. Instead I think too much, which makes me drink too much, and kill my lungs while I'm at it. I think I like life to be hard...otherwise I get bored and that's no good either."
17 years, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Like shit! You?"
18 years, from Pickering, Ontario

"My husband has pancreatic cancer. Life is not great right now!"
58 years, from Eaton Rapids, Michigan

"Good! Want to write a play about J. Donne."
45 years, from Stockbridge, Georgia

"Life is Challenge."
32 years, from Seoul, Korea

"Give em hell dude."
16 years, from Suring, Wisconsin

"Not nearly as good as I'm treating life."
16 years, from Oak Harbor, Washington

"Fantastic, but sometimes unfair."
18 years, from West Lafayette

"The only way possible: Like a f%#$ing rollercoaster!!!"
19 years, from Miami, Florida

"A little rough but I'll make it."
29 years, from San Francisco, California

"It's ok..sometimes rather nasty..but can be really sweet sometimes...=)"
14 years, from New Zealand

"The same way it treats everyone else."
18 years, from Port Richey, Florida

"Getting better, thank you!"
22 years, from Barranquilla, Colombia

"At crossroads."
32 years, from Singapore

"I viddy it treats me quite horrorshow, my fellow droog! But school can kiss the krovvy on my sharries."
17 years, from Charlotte, North Carolina

"Life is horrible i want to die."
19 years, from Davenport, Iowa

"As good as one can demand."
35 years, from Trondheim, Norway

"Crappy, at first. Then, after thinking about those "thoughts"'s as beautiful as can be!!!!!"
16 years, from Taiwan

"A-OK. If you consider homework OK."
18 years, from Onalaska, Wisconsin

"Most well thank you."
14 years, from Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

"Pretty nifty."
16 years, from Suring, Wisconsin

"Not badly, considering... a wild ride these last few years."
43 years, from Los Angeles, California

"Wicked and wild, and well versatile!!"
20 years, from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

"My life is full of wonder."
15 years, from Rocklin, California

"uhmm...great until I realized how cute you were and how i dont get to know you personally!!! *just kidding*"
21 years, from El Paso, Texas

"It's fairly appropriate I s'pose :) "
15 years, from Sacramento, California

"I was hoping you would tell me!"
94 years, from Washington D.C.

"Great; now that I have inspiration from your pages!"
20 years, from Akron, Ohio

"Life is treating me extremely well, yet I know that I am destined for continuous discontent, always searching, sometimes finding, only to see that the answer is simply to start the cycle again . . ."
33 years, from Portland, Oregon

"Life never treats, I always end up picking up the check."
36 years, from Alexandria, Virginia

"For love, the leaning grasses and two lights above the sea."
17 years, from Brossard, Quebec, Canada

"If indeed I be human, then I am the last of my kind. My kind is extinct."
from Leavenworth, Washington

"Can't complain- though I do from time to time. Lots of choices, Lots of questions, a few good answers here and there."
24 years, from Baltimore, Maryland

"It's beating me like a red-headed, freckled stepchild."
19 years, from Tacoma, Washington

"In general, I have more fun than a person should be permitted to have."
54 years, from Los Alamos, New Mexico

"A heck of a lot better than most of the rest of the people who responded to this question. 'Praise God!'"
17 years, from Booker, Texas

"Been down to the pit, getting back up, looking good."
24 years, from Brisbane, Australia

"Every sunset I am one sunset closer to my death."
19 years, from Los Angeles, California

25 years, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"I have been greatly blessed and very encouraged by your basically i'm in a gret mood!!"
17 years, from Ottawa, Canada

"Let's just say that to me hope is like the sun, which as I journey toward it, is bound to give me cancer."
16 years, from Saipan, Centeral Mariana Islands

"Like a giant sticky lugy slowly sliding down a fence post twords the ground (hope you caught the symbolisam) "
19 years, from Iuka, Mississippi

"Can't Complain. Engaged and about to be married to the most beautiful palestinian girl, and if I mentioned that I wanted to cut off her clit, she'd cut off part of me that I've grown extremely attached to."
20 years, from Monterey, California

"I think the real question is: How do I treat life? And though I have the utmost respect for the lives of others, I often find that I disregard the importance of my own. Thus I could treating my life better, but who's gonna tell anyway?"
18 years, from Birmingham, Alabama

"not to bad, realy.Every day surprise me. its wonderfool."
25 years, from Barcelona, Spain

"Well, with trying to finish school, and living alone with no job at this time, it's very stressful. What about with you?"
26 years, from Edinburg, Texas

"I think the real question is: How do I treat life? And though I have the utmost respect for the lives of others, I often find that I disregard the importance of my own. Thus I could treating my life better, but who's gonna tell anyway?"
18 years, from Birmingham, Alabama

"This is life?!?!?! Damn... and all this time I thought I was in hell!!!!"
17 years, from New Hyde Park, New York

"Cathartically. My digestive system has been doing a full evacuation since Sunday, I have a head cold, I've finally come to realize that the man that I once thought I would marry has done too many drugs to ever be the same wonderful friend he once was, and after three years of concealment, I have told my parents the truth about my eating disorder. To be honest, I'm exhausted, but I have complete faith that there is a purpose in all of this."
17 years, from Providence, Rhode Island

"With a perplexing series of challenges, yet an amusing series of cooincidences. 'There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands; we seek out problems because we need their gifts.' --Tales of a Reluctant Messiah"
27 years, from Indianapolis, Indiana

"I am treating life to the existance of one of the few people who still chooses to think and feel. I can still see the sun and God still sees me. Haven't seen a rainbow in quite a while, but I have yet to decide if there haven't been any or if I have just."
20 years, from Macon, Georgia

"Like the weather some day's can be hot and comforting and others cold and weary.........but your hot."
16 years, from Montreal, Canada

"Like a grain of sand on a big long sandy beach."
55 years, from Dubois, Wyoming

"Kant, if we lived in the best of all worlds, why do I have a perpetually runny nose and a dry cough?"
age = unknown, from Canada

"Right now I'am on top of the world and loving every minute of it!!"
19 years, from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

"It's treating me like I'm treating him. With nail and hammer!"
21 years, from Kalmar, Sweden

"Life flies past too fast, I'm just trying to fit in all the amazing things in before its over!"
25 years, from Adelaide, Australia

"It's more of a concept in terms of how I go about treating life... which is... quite provocative... to say the least...."
18 years, from Missoula, Montana

"I think life is, it doesn't treat me or anybody. I'm doing OK to so-so with mine."
39 years, from Lincoln, Massachusetts

"I'm underage, single and living at home... what can I say?"
17 years, from Australia

"Apart from bouts of lonliness and depression, I guess it seems to be beating me across the head with a pogo stick."
22 years, from Huntington, West Virginia

"'It has not dealt with me according to my sins, nor rewarded me according to my iniquities.' For this I am grateful!"
37 years, from Littleton, Colorado

"Life? What is Life? existence exists, therefore GOD is."
31 years, from New Philadelphia, Ohio

"Like is like a bike, you fall off but you are destined to get back on for another ride."
23 years, from Tallahassee, Florida

"Rather how am I treating times well, other times I fear I neglect it, but always am I aware of it."
34 years, from Olathe, Kansas

"Whatever I make of it, as you know."
41 years, from Newport Beach, California

"I'm lucky---i can walk under ladders."
36 years, from Whitewater, Wisconsin

"Rather how am I treating times well, other times I fear I neglect it, but always am I aware of it."
34 years, from Olathe, Kansas

"Life is tremendous. It's the people in it who worry me."
19 years, from Melbourne, Australia

"My life is like that of a beatiful butterfly unfolding its wings for the first time as it emerges from its cocoon to discover the innumerabe oppurtunities life has to offer!"
15 years, from Laurel, Mississippi

"A year ago, after 26 years of a marriage, my husband died very suddley, and so life is not treating me very well. I feel so alone and miss him so."
55 years, from Santa Ana, California

"eh. life hates me."
19 years, from Los Angeles, California

"Life without love is no life at all."
33 years, from Copenhagen, Denmark

"Quite a lot like a trucker named Alan on a road that leads nowhere in the middle of the night might treat the one-armed prostitute he picks up by the dead or dying fig tree he saw only out of the corner of his eye, but such is life and so it goes..."
19 years, from Ontario, Canada

"Couldn't be better...and u?"
23 years, from Singapore

"I knew life wasn't going to be easy, but... DAMN!!!
18 years, from Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago, Repzblica Dominicana

"Not good, but not terrible."
14 years, from Boise, Idaho

"Great for Now, but I don't know about the Future."
14 years, from Memphis, Tennessee

"hmmm... could better, but could certainly be worse... "
19 years, from Sacramento, California

"As if I were a neutral color within a rainbow..."
13 years, from Texas

"It sux big time."
15 years, from Bloomington, Illinois

"Not well for the time being, though I'm quite optimistic."
32 years, from New York, New York

"About as well as could be expected in an area overpopulated by idiosyncratic academicians and tourists as is UCLA."
from Los Angeles, California

"Poorly - I just lost a son."
78 years, from Garland, Texas

"A battle is raging, but the victory will be mine!"
34 years, from Fairbury, Nebraska

"I'm going to pour out my soul to you because I'm depressed. I just dumped my boyfrined, about oh, nearly 25 minutes ago. I want to talk, but if I call my friends I will have to speak, and then I think I might cry. But I can write, so I'm dreadfully sorry if I am boring you."
17 years, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"With equal parts Fairness & Frustration."
35 years, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Ammmm.......lets see!?... I really can't describe it!...HOLY COW!.. yeah that's it!"
38 years, from San Diego, California

"Life is good but every day i wonder about what is happening where i cant see."
25 years, from Newburyport, Massachusetts

"Pretty decent, if I end up passing my math class (I should be doing my homework, but instead I'm surfing through your homepage!), and it would be nice to have a date, and a guarenteed admission into nursing school!!"
19.5 years, from Fullerton, California

"This is life??? Damn, and all this time i thought i was in hell!!!"
17 years, from Long Island, New York

"Extremely well.....I have Christ, an awesome husband and two beautiful boys.....what more could a woman ask for?"
27 years, from Whitewright, Texas

"Fine, i still have time of surfing the net, and my mailbox wasn't empty today."
21 years, from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

"Everyone asks that, damnit!"
15 years, from Singapore

"Pretty well. I'm a former lawyer who has returned to school to study marine biology and, although I'm now broke, I'm happy."
45 years, from Mill Valley, California

"Financially, not well. But in all other ways, it is great."
36 years, from Shumway, Effingham, Illinois

"Big sorrows but greater joys."
44 years, from Athens, Greece

"Aside from my job at Wendy's--pretty damn good."
18 years, from Newark, Ohio

"Not too bad right now, my kids are all alive and I've got a decent job. A couple of years ago, my three year old daughter had cancer, but so far she's a survivor."
42 years, from Newark, New Jersey

"Like a sweaty sock"
33 years, from Groton, Connecticut

"No treats! I have to pay for everything!"
49 years, from Waterford, Missouri

"Like Shit. It keeps on putting me down."
14 years, from Christchurch, Sth Island, New Zealand

"I feel as though I am a flower blossoming in the hot sun surprising everyone with my glorious brightness....a rebirth in spirit and soul. The challenges chase me relentlessly, but the lioness always prevails....and she LOVES it!!!!"
20 years, from Missouri ;)

"Life can be crappy at times..but most other times it's pure crap."
31 years, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"With large doses of Prozac."
29 years, from Charlotte, North Carolina

"I am enjoying the results of my unyielding devotion to the accomplishment of my goals."
22 years, from Honolulu, Hawaii

33 years, from E. Lansing, Michigan

"Too passively - I'm almost paranoid about the normalcy."
20 years, from Rome, Georgia

"My heart is telling me 'rough, really rough!', my brain is telling me 'a 60% chance of bad and a 35% chance of awful', and my stomach is saying 'quit playing on the stupid computer and get something to freaking eat!'"
17 years, from Sardis, Georgia

"Great wife, great son, great neighbors. No great expectations, no great disappointments. Great things to read,learn and experience. How about you?"
49 years, from Bartlett, Tennessee

"Have you ever lived in a country where you have the same f_____g hot weather every SINGLE day, all year round? Now ask me again how life is treating me!"
20 years, from Ipoh, Perak State, Malaysia

"Great right now...was pretty bad a few days ago when my thesis was kicking my butt (2 bottles of maalox in a weekend can't be good!!)."
26 years, from Natchitoches, Louisiana

"I appreciate the incredible miracle of life itself. I then appreciate the incredible miracle that I have had a chance to experience life at all. I am so incredibly gratified by these two thoughts that no matter what happens, it is incredible. My wife died of an overdose 27 years ago when I was 21. For two years I lived in hell, then through her death I learned the seacret of the alchemists. At attitude of gratitude that I can do anything at all. I use to complain about the dirty floor, then I started being incredibly thankful that I could see the dirt at all."
body is 47 years old, from New York and St. Louis, in Missouri and New York State

"Looking for a job. But until then: free to do anything I like! (Just trying to look upon my being unemployed in a optimistic way!)"
29 years, from the Hague, Netherlands

"Harshly, with an occasional oasis."
22 years, from Buffalo, New York

"Pretty damn good!"
17 years, from Richmond, Virginia

"Very,very very GOOD."
15 years, from San Antonio, Texas

"Today I cast the die, and have irrevocably chosen an unknown path in Scotland. I think I have just reinvented myself, and the prospect is both terrifying and intoxicating..."
29 years, from Irvine, California

17 years, from Regensburg, Bavaria, West Germany

"It keeps getting better, also it keeps changing on me, maybe I'll get the hang of it with more practice."
age = 50 going on 18, from Cambridge, United Kingdom

"Life is hard on everyone but I alway make a point to brighten up somebody's day everyday."
23 years, from Singapore

"Harsh, my finals are tommorow and all I've done today is surf the net!! But it was fun..."
17 years, from San Luis Obispo, CA

"It's lunch, my tummy is growling, but everything else is great."
25 years, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Full of pleasures as well as hard work."
42 years, from Malmv, Sweden

"It rains too much here."
20 years, from Mt. Berry, Georgia

"Not too good right now...i am a college student who is home for the summer and can't find a job..."
21 years, from New Jersey

"Better and worse than before."
32 years, from Indianapolis, Indiana

"It has its ups and downs but I am hanging on."
27 years, from Whispering Pines, North Carolina

"Shitty right now- oh well week and a half till graduation."
17 years, from Madison, Wisconsin

"Very bad"
36 years, from D.F., Mexico

"Two new degrees, new job, new friends... But, according to the second law of thermodynamics, everything should soon turn to sh&#."
25 years, from Oakland, California

"Jesus had days like this! Actually life is good, I am struggling (like I should) but life is good."
age=too old for high school girls, too young for women in their prime, from Kennesaw, Georgia

"Pretty boring, there's no life here in Singapore... I prefer my own country Indonesia, where you find people smile at you and treat you as a friend.... in short.... I want to go home!!! Love "The Nakedness of Woman is the Work of God".... makes me feel good about myself..."
27 years, from Singapore

"Damn fine - new girlfriend!"
18 years, from Russell, Ontario, Canada

"Very poorly, you?"
18 years, from Guilford, Maine

"About as good as it should."
age = old enough, from Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

"Stress, stress, stress... doesn't anybody relax anymore?"
40 years, from Crawley, West Sussex, England

"The last time pays for all."
17 years, from Texarkana, Arkansas

"As though i am its plaything.....sometimes it wrestles me, other times it holds tucked safely under its arm......i am life's possesion, and life loves me like a child loves a toy...."
from Green Bay, Wisconcin

"Like Shit. Life is hard and then you die."
29 years, from Atlanta, Georgia

"Too good. I feel I have no life and don't know what to do about it. "
51 years, from Topeka, Kansas

"I'm very lucky to be where I am now, but I must fight so that others can have what I do."
27 years, from Hong Kong

"Can not Complain"
age = Such a Formality, from Richmond, Virginia, in the United States of Apathy

"Like a dog! bow wow.. But most dogs are treated better than people."
40 years, from Jackson, Missouri

"With a distant love touch."
25 years, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Dificil y gratificantemente."
38 years, from Aranjuez, Madrid

"Well, It's better than the alternative!"
18 years, from Greenville, Missouri

"Well, life has a way of neutralising everything- sorrow with happiness, success with we ride the ride!!"
23 years, from Bombay, India

"Its late at night ok?"
25 years, from Canberra, Australia

"Pretty crappy right now!"
16 years, from Oregon

"Pretty shitty today maybe better tomorrow :)"
20 years, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Like s--t im failing school"
16 years, from Waterford, Michigan

13 years, from Reading, Berkshire, England

"Life is what you make it."
23 years, from London, United Kingdom

"Too much time, too few women."
24 years, Ithaca, New York

"It's been better, but I'll survive"
16 years, from Anacortes, Washington State

"I view it as how I am treating life - each day is a gift for me to have and make the most of. Overall I have been very successful, but there are a few areas that need work."
age = 29 and holding, from Boston, Massachusetts

"I am constantly nauseated by the lying by Clinton, et al"
72 years, from Somers Pt., New Jersey

"God is good !"
15 years, from Honolulu, Hawaii

"Have seen it better; have seen it worse"
26 years, from Tuebingen, Germany

"'I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano- A stage, where every man must play a part, and mine a sad one.' The Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 1 77-79"
17 years, from Texarkana, Arkansas

"I'm having a great time...but that's because I'm brain dead!"
age = fourtyish, from Edgewood, Maryland"

"I'm a little hungover this Sunday afternoon."
24 years, from Laguna Hills, California

"Very well, actually, it is me that is treating life (how's that for assertive living?)."
22 years, from Antwerp, Belgium

"There is nothing better than life."
20 years, from Paris, France

"UGH! Apart from the fact that I live in Paradise, life is hell!"
22 years, from Honolulu, Hawaii,

"Alright, aside from the fact I will never go out with someone again, that I really like."
15 years, from St. James, Missouri

"Ain't this the purgatory?, Just kiddin', couldn't be better!"
24 years, from San Luis Potosi, Mexico

"It could be better. I think I offended it somewhere along the line. I should watch what I say about life."
19 years, from Dearborn, Michigan

"It depends on which phase the moon is in..."
18 years, from Manassas, Virginia

"Too busy to notice these days."
35 years, from Pocatello, Idaho

"Now, that's a good question. Life is treating me fine, I just can't seem to realize it because I get up too early in the morning. "
23.6 years, from Bergen, Norway

"Extremely well. Absolutely no complaints (for once!)"
23 years, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Now I am depressed, mose of the time I am happy. Thanks for asking. :P"
22 years, from Springfield, Missouri

"Some days suck some days don't."
17 years, from Nahriya, Israel

"Not bad, but it could be better...I really enjoyed your "thoughts". It helped me a lot in my American Literature searches."
23 years, from Vigosa, MG, Brazil

"With grace and mercy, thank God!"
28 years, from Jackson, Tennessee

"Good-I just got back from Europe, I'm graduating soon, I have a prom date, and I've chosen a college that gave me a scholarship."
17 years, from Illinois

"Like I've been rode hard and been put away wet."
23 years, from Seatown, Washington State

"Positively Wonderful........Check with me tomarrow though!"
28 years, from Anchorage, Alaska

"The way I've been treating it...shitty! But I'm cool!!!"
30 years, from Baltimore, Maryland

"I have some personal challenges: My favorite neice is having marriage problems, my daughter is converting to Orth. Judaism, and I just got 'dumped' by the man in my life (for the last 5 yrs)"
50 years, from San Diego, California

"I am fine and life is treating me, well........accordingly!"
45 years, from Oakland, California

"Very well in fact. And I am in love with Tiger Woods."
20 years, from Singapore

"Great !! Since I meet you..."
22 years, from Gijon, Asturias, in Spain

"Decently, but I am late for a test right now."
21 years, from Arcata, California.

"Except for that job thing GREAT!"
37 years, from Boise, Idaho

"Like the only tree in the kennel!"
57 years, from Sacramento, California

"It's much improved since I left Los Angeles..."
42 years, from Seattle, Washington

"Just about as well as *I* treat *it*, I guess."
;-) years, from Bristol, United Kingdom

"I'm bein' dragged across the roughest grain of sandpaper that exists..."
21 years, from Greenville, North Carolina

"Nice! Now I feel secure and free. And I'm going to get married!"
30 years, from Lima, Peru

"Bien! Trato de hacer de cada uno de mis minutos algo extraordinario!"
21 years, from Sucre, Chuquisaca, in Bolivia

"Not fabulous, but not bad."
29 years, from San Antonio, Texas

"It's slappin' me in the face and lettin' me to wake up."
18 years of age

"Lindisimo...tres doucement....mmm...el amor, ese golpe de pasion barbaro pero a la vez enfaticamente rico...need I say more??? ;)"
23 years, from Champaign, Illinois

"Comme çi, comme ça."
45 years of age, from Raleigh, North Carolina

"Fine! I'm currently atop Mauna Kea (Hawaii) observing through a telescope."
23 years, from Cambridge, United Kingdom

"I have been very lucky. Perhaps because I belong to a privileged group and I can remember an American middle class."
47 years, from Whittier, California

"I am basking in the delight of watching my children grow."
47 years, from Diamond Bar, California

"Pretty badly, but I suppose you could argue that boredom and depression are much better than starvation and slaughter."
15 years, from Napa Valley, California

17 years, from Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Spring has finally come, today is Sunday , and Italy is getting a bit too crowded, but..... life is worth being lived to the full!"
39 nearly 40 years, from La Spezia, Italy

"Awesome, sending me all the lemons and oranges it can."
21 years, from Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Can I get back to you on that? Today sucks!"
age = Ancient, from Vallejo, California

"I enjoy a Canadian life as a Japanese exchange student. I'm thinking about Canada of middle power, Communisim of China, spirit of Kant, a book "Sickness Unto Death" by Kierkedaard, hopeless, and---. So, hopefully I am hopeful. Your pages were good. And I am fine. Thank you. I agree with a Swedish person. You look good. Thanks."
17 years, Yokohama, Japan

"Hey, I got food in the fridge and a roof over my head..."
23 years of age, from Auborn, Washington.

"I'm still breathing! Quitting is not an option! and Keep :-)ing!"
50 years, from Orem, Utah

"Here in Alaska the beer is cold and the women are not!"
22 years, Anchorage, Alaska

"I'm afraid that question is too personal for me to answer - I could make jokes about it, of course, but I don't consider life as being funny."
18 years, from Belgium

"Exciting, frustrating, hopeful and formidable"
from Gold River, California

"I'm busy in this urban setting in Sacramento. It's not like L.A. though."
35 years, from Sacramento, California

"Very good actually! Im happy with myself and are doing all the things I want to. Im a bit crazy though. But thats okay I guess. Life is crazy too so we get along very well together. Actually I wanna know if its you on that picture. If thats so you dont have anything to be ashamed of. Really like your looks! But you would like me too."
24 years, from Sweden

"Somedays I feel swallowed up, but I recover."
22 years, from Oregon